Published On: Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

DICE Outlines Battlefield 1 Roadmap, Calling It A Revolution

DICE summarized a Battlefield 1 roadmap for a residue of 2017, job it a “revolution” of sorts. It starts with a new beginning to broach entrance to maps enclosed in a Premium Pass. After a sincerely catastrophic Premium Friends, DICE is now rising a giveaway Premium Trials.

According to a updated Battlefield 1 roadmap, a initial Premium Trial maps accessible will be Prise de Tahure, Nivelle Nights and a other 4 maps from a DLC ‘They Shall not Pass‘.

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Meanwhile, Premium Friends will still be accessible until Gamescom. In terms of DLCs, a roadmap starts with ‘In a Name of a Tsar’, due to launch in September; DICE also minute a third enlargement pack, Turning Tides, that will underline both raging naval battles alongside a common land and atmosphere clashes.

Finally, Battlefield 1 will shortly be combined on EA Access (for Xbox One) and Origin Access (for PC). That means subscribers for those services will have full, unlimited entrance to Battlefield 1 for as prolonged as they keep a subscription active.

Access New Maps with Premium Trials

Premium Trials is a approach for players who don’t possess a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass to play on maps they routinely wouldn’t have entrance to. Unlike Premium Friends, Premium Trials doesn’t need we to join a patrol with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners – you’ll simply have entrance to Premium maps by logging into a game*.

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The initial run of Premium Trials will start with this month’s launch of Prise de Tahure, a urban- and trench-based night map for Battlefield 1. If we do not possess a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, we can use Premium Trials during this duration to play Prise de Tahure – along with Nivelle Nights and a 4 other maps from Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass.

Before Gamescom, there will be another Premium Trials eventuality after this initial one. In September, another Premium Trials eventuality will be held, definition all players will have a event to play on formerly expelled enlargement container maps.

Also note that a stream Premium Friends duration is still active and will final until Gamescom.

Battlefield 1 In a Name of a Tsar

Six new maps, a Russian Army, new weapons, vehicles, and more. Ready for a many extensive Battlefield expansion container so far? Battlefield 1 In a Name of a Tsar arrives in September, though you’ll get an early ambience in Aug with a recover of a snow-covered map Lupkow Pass.

Secure early entrance with Battlefield 1 Premium Pass

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides

The third enlargement container for Battlefield 1 is only over a horizon. Releasing in Dec 2017, Battlefield 1 Turning Tides features a epic clashes of a Zeebrugge Raid, a Gallipoli Offensive, and more.

Apart from a raging naval battles, you’ll also quarrel on land and in a atmosphere on all-new maps with new weapons. There’s most some-more intel on Battlefield 1 Turning Tides, though we’ll keep it personal for a bit longer. We do however consider you’ll conclude a naval hold on a expansion’s demeanour and feel. Stay tuned.

Learn some-more about Battlefield 1 Turning Tides

Battlefield 1 Added to The Vault of EA Access and Origin Access

We’re blissful to announce that Battlefield 1 will be combined to The Vault of EA Access and Origin Access.

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