Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

Developers can now enroll in Apple’s ‘Small Business Program’ for reduced App Store fees

Just a few weeks back, we schooled that Apple would be rising an “App Store Small Business Program” that would revoke a fees from 30% to 15% for developers earning reduction than $1 million per year from a App Store.

That module is starting to hurl out now, with Apple opening adult a enrollment routine only this morning.

Apple outlines a module here, with a few things station out:

  • It’s open to both new developers and existent developers who done reduction than $1 million this year opposite all of their apps combined.
  • Once a developer surpasses $1 million for a year, a rate goes behind adult to a customary rate.
  • Once a module kicks in after Dec 31, participating developers won’t be means to send apps to/from other accounts — presumably so that people don’t go “Oh, this app is creation too most money. Quick, switch it to another account!”. “If we trigger an app send after Dec 31, 2020, or accept a send of an app that was instituted after Dec 31, 2020,” Apple writes, “you will no longer be authorised to attend in program.”
  • If we manage mixed developer accounts, Apple wants we to brand them.

Apple says that if we enroll by Dec 18, reduced fees should be active by Jan 1 of 2021. Existing developers can still enroll after that cutoff, though things get a bit some-more complicated, with reduced fees generally kicking in mid by a subsequent mercantile calendar month.

Apple dropping App Store fees to 15% for users with underneath $1 million in revenues


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