Published On: Fri, Mar 22nd, 2019

Detective Adventure AI: The Somnium Files Launches This July

AI: The Somnium Files during GDC and announced a 25th Jul recover date. The video above gives a initial demeanour during gameplay, nonetheless it’s still a small deceptive on a specifics.

You play as investigator Kaname Date sport a sequence torpedo in near-future Tokyo. The dour trailer doesn’t give us most to go on, giving us a demeanour during a characters and highlighting a creepy entertainment park and a surreal frigid bear, though withdrawal copiousness of room for tract twists and amour – standard for a march for Zero Escape writer/director Kotaro Uchikoshi.

Here’s a taster of a story from a game’s executive blurb:

One stormy night in November, a woman’s physique is found during an deserted thesis park, mounted on a merry-go-round horse. She had been stabbed repeatedly, and her left eye was gouged out.

Kaname Date of a Metropolitan Police Department arrives on a scene. He recognizes a woman. Suddenly, he hears a sound from inside a merry-go-round.

He breaks into a merry-go-round’s executive mainstay to find a immature girl. And in her hands, she grips a bloody ice pick…

It all looks really surreal and moody, that’s for sure. Those characters demeanour great, too, that creates sense; their pattern comes pleasantness of Yusuke Kozaki of No More Heroes and Fire Emblem: Awakening fame.

Details of a special book – sorry, Special Agent Edition – for both Switch and PS4 were also released. It will embody a following:

A-set Acrylic Stand – Approx. 6 inches tall
Outer Box – Original Artwork by impression pattern Yusuke Kozaki
THOUGHTS REMaiN BELOW Artbook – 30+ pages of sketches and judgment art
A-set’s #1 Fan Stickers – 3 vinyl stickers
AI: The Somnium Files for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4


Looks nice, nonetheless ‘outer box’ is something of a given when shopping earthy (we’re teasing – we know it’s a special additional sleeve with bespoke artwork). If it takes your fancy, a Special Agent Edition will set we behind $89.99.

Not most to go on, though what are your thoughts on a trailer and this special edition? Will we be questioning this come July? Let us know below.

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