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Destiny 2’s Community Is Up in Arms Against The Lack of Grind, But Bungie Might Have A Solution

Destiny 2 has been out for a small over a month on consoles, definition that many players are now delving into a endgame.

While early impressions on a altogether diversion have been unequivocally positive, if we stop by village hotspots such as r/destinythegame you’ll now notice a undoubted engorgement of complaints. The categorical subject of row is a skip of impression course or grind, that is utterly mocking when we cruise that usually, we’ll hear about players angry about too many grub in games.

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Yesterday’s ‘This Week At Bungie’ post, where a developers announced a lapse of a Iron Banner PvP eventuality and a Prestige Raid for PvE, was substantially a final straw.

That’s since it was reliable there won’t be any tangible rewards to impression course to be found in this Prestige Raid. Now, a village is literally adult in arms since there apparently isn’t a current reason to play a diversion anymore to swell characters. Here’s what Reddit user Toland27 had to contend in what’s now a fourth many upvoted post in a channel.

The players that crop this subreddit are some of if not a many dedicated players you’ll ever find in your game. We’re a players that buy DLC a second it’s announced, we’re a actor that preordered a diversion as shortly as we could, we’re a players that fortifying we bubbling raise of crap diversion for an whole year before we finished any vital improvements to it.
When people took jabs during Destiny, observant “who still plays that diversion anymore?”, we were a ones still playing. We were a players who grinded strike after strike, raid after raid, trials compare after trials compare since a one things we guys unequivocally did get right was a grind. Whether it was chasing Light Level, a ideally rolled palm cannon, or a singular raid drop, a grub kept us personification and kept your actor bottom from dropping to nothing.
Now, after weeks of expectation for what could be an even larger raid knowledge and a uninformed take on Iron Banner, you’ve astounded us all again.
Iron Banner is no some-more than discerning play with new armor. There is no discuss of IB weapons, that creates clarity deliberation that Bungie has proven time after time that we should not design anything from them.
The status raid will not offer a light increase, it will be minimally some-more formidable in terms of automechanic (yay some-more sponges! /s), and will not offer players any inducement to run after removing their emblem. This is not acceptable. Too many has been cut from a core destiny knowledge to usually concede this to continue.
Whatever happened to apropos a legend? Many players are already 300-305, are we revelation us that we’ve finished all there is? There’s no some-more grub until presumably December? At this time final year, WotM tough mode was usually being expelled and it postulated players an new experience. New mechanics, a new max light to grub for, and new rob to hunt for.
I don’t know what we as a actor bottom should or even can do. We do not make adult a vast volume of a income that Bungie creates off this diversion and all of us have already given them a money. But if it takes weeks or even months of not personification Destiny 2 to uncover Bungie that we are pissed, maybe it’s value it.
It’s not like there’s anything fun to do in-game anyways, we don’t consider I’d skip out if a protest was enacted.

Another rarely upvoted post by user pheldegression added that several Destiny 2 players are already relocating onto other games.

I was on final night, removing my milestones finished on my second of 3 characters. we looked during my friends list, and even yet we had 10 friends online, zero of them were personification Destiny 2. we checked my clan, and usually 3 people were on. One of my friends who plays video games all a time hasn’t been on a diversion in over a week since “I can’t be bothered. we have zero left to do.” People are going behind to their aged games, like GTA 5, Siege, Fifa. The crony we mentioned above is personification a Division over this game. My emanate isn’t that people weren’t on, we get that people have lives and obligations. My emanate is that they were on, and zero of them wanted to be worried with this game. Depressing.

That said, Bungie competence already have a repair in their pockets for a endgame: Seasons. Another spirit to that finish was forsaken in yesterday’s blog post, as we can review below.

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*There is that word again: Season. There is a discuss of seasons when we check your Clan. Now, we’re articulate about it on a blog. What does it all mean?

Panel Discussion: The Seasons of Destiny.
Friday, Oct 20, 4:30PM Pacific
CoolCat Theater + CoolCat Channel

What do Seasons meant in Destiny 2?
What will change from deteriorate to season?
How many seasons can we expect?
When does Season Two begin?

We’ll be responding that question, and some-more like it, during TwitchCon.

On a central TwitchCon website, we found additional information on this row that will apparently concentration precisely on how Bungie intends to keep a village intent in Destiny 2.

Destiny has determined itself as a diversion of action-packed rituals and special events. With Destiny 2, a growth group during Bungie has a idea is to keep a village of Guardians intent from deteriorate to deteriorate with new reasons to play. Join DeeJ from Bungie for a contention with Designers from a Live Team who are focused on nutritious this new adventure.

Seasons have been successfully implemented in games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. Will Bungie be means to make them appealing adequate to urge a endgame and return a community’s unrest? We’ll know some-more during TwitchCon in dual weeks.

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