Published On: Tue, Sep 5th, 2017

Destiny 2 Will Cast A ‘Long Shadow’ on Future Expansions and Games, Says Project Lead

Destiny 2 is roughly here, during slightest for console gamers. The diversion is set to launch tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and fans of Bungie’s first-person shooter are counting a hours now.

To waves we over, we’ve picked adult an mention of Mark Noseworthy’s talk with a Daily Star, where Bungie’s Project Lead on Destiny 2 explained that destiny expansions and even games will be somehow associated to this diversion (narrative wise).

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All of it! Destiny 2 is unequivocally a story about a Light, and what it means to be a Guardian, and we consider Destiny 2 will expel a prolonged shade on successive games, and it will matter, and we are building towards something.

We’re not going to contend a story [from Destiny 1] is unrelated… with any sequel, we’re going to take a event to go behind to a turn personification margin and deliver new players and get a uninformed start.

And that’ll meant certain things narratively. But we positively see a subsequent few games and expansions restraining together narratively in a approach that they all build on any other.

We don’t wish to get to a place where we can’t play Destiny 3 given we missed some DLC and now we don’t know what’s going on… we’d never do that. But positively a large beats in a sequels will together tell a story that we consider is flattering cool.

It sounds like now, during least, a folks during Bungie competence have some arrange of overarching devise for a narrative, that is good news given there were really some tract holes in a initial installment (for instance, they recently certified they had no plain thought on what a Darkness indeed was).

As a reminder, Destiny 2 will entrance on PC around Blizzard’s on Oct 24th with copiousness of bespoke facilities already showcased in a new beta test. The wait should really be value it.

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