Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

Destiny 2 PC To Feature Tweaks That Will Make It Feel Native To The Platform

The Destiny array is finally creation a PC entrance with Destiny 2, rising after this year, and many PC players are wondering if and how this chronicle of a diversion will differ from a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases. And it seems like there’s going to be a vital disproportion that competence make pulling off headshots easier than on consoles.

Speaking with Finder, Destiny 2 plan lead Mark Noseworthy reliable not usually that a PC chronicle of a diversion will underline an FOV slider, though also that guns won’t have any boomerang due to how unsatisfying they might feel with a rodent and keyboard control scheme.

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For instance, there’s no boomerang on guns on PC since boomerang on a controller feels unequivocally good. ‘I’m firing, I’m firing, I’m firing, oh, I’m losing control of my gun a small bit.’ That feels great, generally with draw and all a sorcery in a controller that creates we feel it. With a rodent and keyboard, we don’t wish a rodent relocating but we relocating it, so boomerang doesn’t feel good, so there is no boomerang on PC.

There are a integrate of pivotal ways we’re going to try and change it, make it so it feels local to that platform, since we wish people to feel like Destiny 2 is built for PC.

Noseworthy after simplified that all weapons won’t have any boomerang on PC.

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I consider that’s accurate. we don’t wish to go down in story as a man earnest that… The simple thought is that some things don’t work that don’t feel good, and those places there are going to be small forks in a road.

Destiny 2 launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sep 6th.

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