Published On: Fri, Oct 13th, 2017

Destiny 2 Director: An Extremely High % of Players Are Level Capped; We Stand By Fixed Weapon Perks

Destiny 2 Director Luke Smith, who also worked on ‘The Taken King’ expansion, was featured in a post-launch talk published on EDGE’s latest emanate (#312) where he suggested that lots of players, clearly some-more than Bungie had anticipated, have finished a debate and reached a game’s turn cap.

There have been some pleasing surprises, yet there are some that ask we to be contemplative about them, too. An intensely high commission of players have both finished a debate and reached a turn cap. Like, a intolerable series of players. we consider that’s a unequivocally engaging information point, and a group should be unequivocally unapproachable of that. It means that, when people enter a world, they’re adhering around.

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I consider one of a things we’ve got to make certain we’re doing right is, if we play it for 80-90 hours, are we happy with where we got your impression to? And where’s new things for we to do, are we meddlesome in entrance back?

That said, a many dedicated players are now utterly unhappy that there’s no stream inducement for them to keep playing. Partly, that’s since arms perks are now bound rather than random, that translates into a lot of transcribe weapons.

The Destiny 2 Director is still really most assured it was a right choice, yet he does endorse that Bungie will have to make some changes.

I’m still a flattering large believer of a change. we trust that, ultimately, a Destiny authorization is streamer towards apropos a collection game. we know that we have shortcomings there right now that we need to address. With honour to creation duplicates matter, this is still one of a things we have ideas for.

You project, when something comes out, what we consider a problems are going to be. Sometimes you’re right, and you’re like, cool, we can only do a work we designed to do. Sometimes you’re not right, or we have something else come adult that becomes a aloft priority. So for us, what we’re doing right now is looking during a intensity work we could do, and we’ll prioritize it.

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I still believe, and so does a gameplay team, that we’ve finished a right thing for a collection game.

Destiny 2 launched on Sep 6th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be accessible on Oct 24th for PC, during sell and around Blizzard’s

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