Published On: Wed, May 24th, 2017

Destiny 2 Could Have Been 60FPS If It Had Dedicated Servers, According to Veteran Network Programmer

Destiny 2 dominated many of a review within a gaming attention after a gameplay premiere final week.

A vast discuss arose around Bungie’s preference to hang with 30 frames per second even on extended console hardware like Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. we wrote an op-ed detailing because Destiny 2 could and should have been using during 60FPS during slightest on PS4 Pro and Scorpio, yet there’s an aspect we didn’t supplement into my research – offloading production and AI to a dedicated servers setup in a cloud.

I insincere that could have helped with a 60FPS goal, yet lacking a imagination for such a matter we elite to leave that out. However, Glenn Fiedler is some-more than competent for this sold matter, carrying been Multiplayer Lead during Pandemic Studios, Lead Network Programmer during Sony Computer Entertainment and many recently Senior Programmer on Titanfall and a supplement – dual games that relied heavily on a cloud and dedicated servers.

You competence remember that he was a one who famously forked out a specific faults in The Division’s netcode with a blog post patrician ‘Never Trust a Client’. Fiedler, who is now a consultant “for teams who need to network their game”, wrote in a now deleted twitter that Destiny 2 could have run during 60FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro by offloading production and AI calculations on cloud formed dedicated servers.

While there’s no image of a tweet, a folks during Digital Foundry discuss it during their Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 First-Look and Frame Test video (around 5:40). The miss of dedicated servers is, of course, another vast letdown for many Destiny fans and even some-more so for PC gamers who are really many used to carrying them.

Bungie plainly pronounced that it was an investment they motionless not to make. While environment adult dedicated servers for a diversion this vast would have been costly, it could also have helped in delivering 60FPS gameplay on consoles. We’ll have to see either Bungie and Activision’s choice will infer correct in a prolonged term.

Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sep 8th. The diversion will also be accessible on PC with uncapped support rate during a after date.

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