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Demonstrating 15 hit tracing and other collection built to lessen a impact of COVID-19

Personal-symptom trackers, digital contact-tracing and exposure-notification collection are underneath growth in a United States and around a universe — their adoption could assistance medical workers lessen a impact of serve waves of COVID-19. These technologies also have poignant remoteness and confidence issues. The COVID Tech Task Force has a discussion scheduled in 10 days to plead a pivotal issues associated to COVID technologies.

As partial of a work scheming for that conference, we collected and reviewed a heading apps in a U.S. With a idea of assisting a public, and state and internal governments, improved know a remoteness and confidence facilities of heading applications, we’re pity a information and demos we collected from a teams building these applications.

We have sorted a demos into 3 extended categories: (1) contact-tracing/exposure-notification applications regulating Google/Apple API, (2) contact-tracing/exposure-notification applications not regulating Google/Apple API, and (3) personal-symptom-tracking applications.

We surveyed teams per privacy, confidence and commercialization of personal data. We’ve done a formula of a surveys accessible here. We inspire we to demeanour by a responses and share your thoughts on how opposite applications have approached these critical issues.

The applications featured in this essay were to be demoed during a Contact Tracing and Technology Conference creatively scheduled for this week — in light of a poignant conversations around secular misapplication and military savagery opposite Black Americans we rescheduled it to safeguard we are not holding adult nonessential space. The discussion is now rescheduled or Jun 17th — if we RSVP’d, we demeanour brazen to saying we there; if we haven’t, greatfully do!

The discussion will be hosted by a COVID Tech Task Force, in partnership with TechCrunch, Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, NYU’s Alliance for Public Interest Technology, Betaworks Studios and Hangar. The COVID Tech Task Force is stoical of a organisation of volunteers who came together in Mar to assistance assemble a forum for state and internal governments and a tech village to work together to lessen a impact of COVID-19.

If you’ve built a contact-tracing or exposure-notification application, greatfully feel giveaway to strech out to and fill out a consult here.

Applications regulating Google/Apple API

Google and Apple have collaborated to emanate growth collection in sequence to yield a cross-platform approach for open health agencies to forewarn people of a intensity exposure.

COVID SafePaths

SafePaths is building free, open-source, privacy-by-design collection for individuals, open health officials and incomparable communities to squash a bend of COVID-19, revoke fear and forestall a surveillance-state response to a pandemic.

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CoEpi is an open-source plan building a decentralized, privacy-first app for unknown Bluetooth-based bearing presentation formed on sign sharing. Communities of tighten contacts can start safeguarding themselves with CoEpi but requiring widespread adoption among a ubiquitous population; there is no scale compulsory to grasp advantage to tiny user groups. CoEpi helps we anonymously warning a people with whom we correlate about symptoms of a foul illness, or warning we if we competence have been unprotected in an interaction.

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COVID Shield

COVID Shield is a giveaway bearing presentation resolution built with remoteness as a tip priority. It was built by a organisation of volunteers, many from Shopify, in sequence to assistance Canadians and a rest of a universe safely lapse to work.

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The organisation consists of a organisation of open health officials, doctors, researchers and engineers formed out of a University of Washington and Microsoft who are operative together to keep a open protected and to assistance open health systems in handling a outbreak.

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COVID Trace is a nonprofit charity a COVID-19 exposure-notification app for iOS and Android regulating a Apple/Google exposure-notification APIs. People regulating COVID Trace can pattern remoteness and simplicity. With COVID Trace, health departments get an app and metrics that are an prolongation of their efforts. COVID Trace is prepared to be used today.

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Zero is a citizen-led nonprofit that leverages record for pestilence response, focused on facilitating protected amicable function and assent of mind. Their idea is to branch a widespread of COVID-19 and give adults a information they need to feel protected and assured enchanting with their internal economy.

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Covid Watch

COVID Watch uses a Apple/Google GAEN protocol, that it claims a developers explained to Apple how to build formed on their strange TCN protocol. The Covid Watch organisation was founded by researchers from Stanford and Waterloo and claims to be a initial in a universe to invent, rise and open-source a decentralized Bluetooth bearing warning custom in early March.

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Applications not now regulating Google/Apple API

Note that some of these organizations have indicated they competence use a Google/Apple API in a future. Some of them intend to and are watchful on acknowledgment from Google/Apple.


NOVID claims to be a initial (and now only) totally unknown contact-tracing app published in a USA that uses no personal information. No GPS, no phone number, no email — it’s totally anonymous. The app utilizes ultrasound to yield intensely accurate measurements of communication distance, overcoming a famous inaccuracies of Bluetooth. The organisation is led by Carnegie Mellon highbrow and internationally eminent mathematician, Po-Shen Loh.

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Healthy Together

Healthy Together is an end-to-end COVID-19 response height that is entirely integrated into open health and a enterprise. Launched in Apr for a State of Utah, Healthy Together’s mobile applications support self-assessment, COVID-19 contrast entrance and results, and protracted hit tracing, as good as craving hit tracing, workflow tools, information integrations and visualizations. Leveraging existent record that has scaled to millions of users and supportive by open health experts, Healthy Together will shortly be announcing additional states and craving business that are regulating a height to strengthen a health of residents and employees.

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Sharetrace is a health pass and contact-tracing concentration that’s privacy-preserving by design. Built on user-owned personal information accounts, pioneering personal information remoteness technology, it can safely use supportive information but a risk of emperor notice by possibly companies or governments. Sharetrace is a partnership between U.K. and U.S. universities, including Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. Learn some-more online during

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Coalition Network

Coalition Network is a nonprofit whose founders and organisation have been building and implementing decentralized, Bluetooth-based network solutions on mobile for a past decade. Coalition’s open source Whisper Tracing Protocol has been counterpart reviewed by cryptographers during MIT, Stanford, USC and Oxford, and adopted by a supervision of Senegal.

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Safe2 is a COVID-19 bearing warning complement for smarter amicable distancing. The mobile app uses anonymized information from GPS and Bluetooth record to secretly share real-time bearing alerts to assistance forestall village widespread of a virus. Safe2 was founded by Jamison D. Day, Ph.D., information scientist and consultant in disaster relief, with an general organisation specializing in tellurian health, record and predicament management, with a concentration on improving health, mercantile contentment and privacy.

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VIRI is a contact-tracing height driven by a ethos of remoteness and anonymity, on a goal to concede cross-entity hit tracing but a need to share any personal identifying information. It can be incorporated into an existent craving app as an API seamlessly permitting harmony between enterprises and institutions during a tellurian scale while vouchsafing a entities belong to several healthcare-data regulations. VIRI deploys a hybrid back-end design that leverages approving blockchain technology.

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Symptom Trackers

COVID Near You

COVID Near You, a crowdsourced COVID-19 sign tracker, was combined by epidemiologists and program developers within a Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator during Boston Children’s Hospital. The Boston Children’s Hospital organisation has credentials and imagination in building platforms in spreading illness surveillance, and provides technical ability in building visualization-based collection for open health response efforts. The COVID Near You organisation aims to support open health notice measures of COVID-19 and control investigate regulating a self-reported information to improved know a impact of this illness opposite North America.

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How We Feel

How We Feel lets we self-report your age, sex, ZIP formula and any health symptoms we experience. The app was built by an independent, nonprofit classification called The How We Feel Project. Their tech organisation includes Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, and a proffer organisation of stream and former Pinterest employees. They are operative with scientists, doctors and open health professionals from heading institutions including, a Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, a McGovern Institute for Brain Research during MIT, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of Maryland School of Medicine and a Weizmann Institute of Science.

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