Published On: Thu, Jul 1st, 2021

Demand Curve: 7 ad forms that boost click-through rates

We’ve spent millions of dollars using ads for brands like Outschool, Imperfect Produce and Microsoft. At Demand Curve, we’ve worked with over 500 startups, meticulously documenting expansion strategy for all expansion channels. This post also incorporates what we’ve schooled from a agency, Bell Curve.

Here are 7 ad forms that have proven to boost click-through rates (CTR), with examples of each. Clone them to exam in your possess amicable ad campaigns.

Customer reactions

If you’re offered a consumer product, it’s expected that some of your business have posted product reviews, unboxings or recommendation videos on their amicable media accounts. You can use your customers’ user-generated videos in your amicable ads — with permission.

Search by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for posts that discuss your product. Reach out to a patron and ask them if we can use their calm in an ad campaign, and subsequently, accumulate a many certain reactions into a video ad.

This works good since thespian faces are courtesy magnets. Make certain a thumbnail print shows a clever romantic image. People will click since they can’t assistance though wish to see what annoyed a emotion. User-generated greeting videos also prominence your products’ “Moment of Wow.” If users caring adequate about your product to make a certain greeting video, their appetite is contagious. Your ad assembly will bond your product with a clever certain emotion.

Customer reactions make for good ads

Customer reactions make for good ads. Image Credits: Demand Curve

You contra a competition

Comparison ads anchor your product opposite something your assembly already knows. This works good for both ads and a alighting page your ad will lead to when clicked on. Try positioning your strongest value tender — a many profitable guarantee you’re creation to your patron — opposite your general competitors.

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