Published On: Sat, Jul 9th, 2016

Deleted Tweet repository PostGhost close down after Twitter stop and desist

PostGhost was a nascent website that archived a tweets of a famous, rich, and important. The site got renouned for anticipating and storing a deleted Tweets of politicians and even Lindsay Lohan who beg with a English PM to #remain.

“We combined a website to yield a open with a some-more accurate story of open statements done by a many successful open total on Twitter. We trust PostGhost provides a fairer and some-more pure approach of permitting people to reason open total accountable than Politwoops, a website that Twitter has recently reauthorized to tell certain deleted tweets,” wrote a creators.

Twitter emailed a organisation melancholy to close down their API entrance for a crime of displaying deleted Tweets. This crime, that could be traced to European information deletion laws and/or a enterprise to urge a ubiquitous recognition of a ephemeral Tweet, is criminialized by Twitter’s terms of service.


There are dual schools of suspicion when something like this happens. The initial is that it’s Twitter’s privilege to bury anything and all a things. It’s their sandbox and we usually play in it.

The second propagandize of suspicion says that Twitter is free-riding on a time and courtesy and in sell for that they should work with their readers and users in a lucid way. Public total contend foolish things all a time and, in some cases, a massively critical that they aren’t authorised to undo their beliefs generally in matters of state. While it’s not critical that J.K. Rowling deleted a politically charged Tweet it is critical that Rep. Joe Walsh deleted an incitement to competition war.

PostGhost records that a targets are all open total and that they can design a turn of remoteness until they Tweet out to millions of followers.

“Of course, not each Twitter user should have their deleted tweets available – many people use Twitter as a personal account, and we resolutely determine with Twitter’s joining to their privacy,” wrote a PostGhost admins. “However, Twitter maintains a list of open total called accurate users – about 0.05% of their user bottom – for whom Twitter acts as an outsized, immediate megaphone to strech immeasurable numbers of followers.”

Interestingly a site usually existed for a few days – rising Jul 6 – before giving adult a ghost. Sites like Politiwoops are still using since they have a some-more taciturn bargain with Twitter. Turning a firehose on politicians and open figures, apparently, isn’t partial of that understanding.


Featured Image: Bryce Durbin

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