Published On: Wed, Aug 5th, 2020

Decrypted: How a teen hacked Twitter, Garmin’s ransomware aftermath

A 17-year-old Florida teen is indicted of perpetrating one of a year’s biggest and many high-profile hacks: Twitter.

A sovereign 30-count complaint filed in Tampa pronounced Graham Ivan Clark used a phone spearphishing conflict to focus by mixed layers of Twitter’s confidence and bypassed a two-factor authentication to benefit entrance to an inner “admin” apparatus that let a hacker take over any account. With dual accomplices named in a apart sovereign indictment, Clark — who went by a online hoop “Kirk” — allegedly used a apparatus to steal a accounts of dozens of celebrities and open figures, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk and former boss Barack Obama, to post a cryptocurrency fraud concealment over $100,000 in bitcoin in usually a few hours.

It was, by all accounts, a worldly conflict that compulsory technical skills and an ability to pretence and mistreat to lift off a scam. Some confidence professionals were impressed, comparing a conflict to one that had a refinement and professionalism of a well-resourced nation-state attacker.

But a form in The New York Times describes Clark was an “adept scammer with an explosve temper.”

In a teenager’s defense, a conflict could have been many worse. Instead of pulling a fraud that betrothed to “double your money,” Clark and his compatriots could have wreaked havoc. In 2013, hackers hijacked a Associated Press’ Twitter comment and tweeted a feign explosve conflict on a White House, promulgation a markets plummeting — usually to fast redeem after a all-clear was given.

But with control of some of a world’s many renouned Twitter accounts, Clark was for a few hours in Jul one of a many absolute people in a world. If found guilty, a teen could spend his improved years behind bars.

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