Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Dead Rising 4 Fan Requested Improvements Detailed by CAPCOM

Dead Rising 4 wasn’t utterly a strike CAPCOM was anticipating for. Even yet Jorge enjoyed a diversion as a whole in his review, sales were distant reduce than expectations.

Moreover, fans voiced beating during certain gameplay elements. Now, with a developers tough during work on on a arriving recover of Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package for a PlayStation 4, CAPCOM announced currently that an refurbish is entrance with several improvements to Dead Rising 4.

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Human Enemy Improvements

Maniacs are tellurian enemies that Frank encounters during a march of his review into what’s function in Willamette. The growth group has spent time creation these encounters feel some-more suggestive and rewarding. Maniacs will have new weapons that fit their impression and Frank’s prerogative for defeating a Maniac will be wielding a new weapon. The AI that drives a Maniacs is also being softened to yield players with an even larger challenge.

Some of a Maniacs will also have new Maniac Minions who will conflict Frank, creation these fights some-more difficult. Human rivalry AI is being softened for all types, creation them softened during regulating cover, restraint attacks with shields, and tackling players who competence rest on a singular attack.

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Distress Calls

While Dead Rising 4 always had tellurian survivors in need of Frank West’s help, a growth group is adding 6 noted side missions that we’re job Distress Calls. During Frank’s time in Willamette, he will have a event to answer these Distress Calls and assist a survivor in a newly scripted mission, carrying out a query for a survivor. Once he’s achieved a reserved task, Frank will have to strengthen a survivor from a zombie hordes as they make their approach to a protected location.

Each of these 6 all-new Distress Call missions will give players a singular movement on one of Frank’s outfits as a reward.


The group is also looking during additional ways to urge a altogether gameplay experience. These embody softened controller responsiveness, faster conflict speed, faster zombie society awareness, some-more assertive pursuit, rebalanced arms distribution, softened zombie AI, goal tuning and more.

All owners of Dead Rising 4 will be receiving these gameplay improvements for giveaway on Dec 5th along with a new diversion mode, Capcom Heroes. Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package will be entrance to a PlayStation 4 on Dec 5th and will be including these updates, Capcom Heroes and all formerly expelled diversion content. It’s an refurbish that’s not usually going to give we something new to play in Dead Rising 4, though will also urge your knowledge personification it.

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