Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019

Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet Won’t Be Released In Europe Or North America

Game is done for a niche and even while fun (there are some good casino mini games in it) it’s not value a con and a vast play on amicable media for a western release.

Which is a shame, nobody complained about a prior releases in a west of a comparison games, since people simply pronounced “it’s only a game”.

At slightest people can import it, sadly it’s costly though games are always pricey in Japan, infrequently even in asia.

@Heavyarms55 that was also a box with a PS4 and Vita recover behind afterwards and Koei Tecmo radically pronounced (but in nicer some-more respectful words) that they won’t recover a diversion in a west since of a b****ing on amicable media by certain groups that don’t even diversion (remember Senran Kagura 2 play on a 3ds? Koei didn’t wish that with their game)

@saintayu a Xtreme array never expelled on a PS2.

For my partial they put transgenders and lesbians in a Xtreme array (a happy chairman would be tough to do in a all lady cast) since overtly we don’t care, many people that protest about such people in games have opposite issues we won’t start about here.

Transgender, happy and lesbian people are in genuine life too so carrying them in games creates clarity for me in certain cases, it’s only that japanese devs would take a piss out of such people since of informative differences though western devs could do it scrupulously if they wanted to.

I’m not observant each diversion needs them, though certain could like genuine universe formed games for example.

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