Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2019

Dead Cells Sold More Than 100,000 Copies In Its First Week On Nintendo Switch

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Alongside Celeste and The Messenger, a roguelike diversion Dead Cells by French-based developer Motion Twin was one of a indie success stories of 2018. In Sep final year, we listened how a Switch chronicle of a diversion was outselling a PlayStation 4 chronicle nonetheless no tangible sales total were strictly released.

Now, during an Automaton Media interview, Motion Twin’s Benjamin Laulan has suggested a Dead Cells Nintendo recover sole some-more than 100,000 copies in a initial week. In a same interview, Laulan pronounced a group was tough during work on a DLC for a diversion and pronounced a giveaway calm patch would arrive early on in a initial entertain of 2019.

Despite a success of Dead Cells, this doesn’t indispensably meant Motion Twin will follow adult with a sequel. At a finish of 2018, during an talk with Game Informer, Motion Twin diversion engineer Sébastien Bénard pronounced it was best for a studio not to dwell on success:

“If we emanate a large hit, it’s best to use this appetite to make something different. we don’t consider we’ll make a Dead Cells 2. We’re some-more open to formulating some-more calm and opening a diversion adult some-more to a community. If we did make a Dead Cells 2, it’s since we unequivocally need a income (laughs). We don’t wish to hang to a same thing though, so we consider if we did come behind it would be something utterly different, not a platformer or roguelike along these lines.”

Are we during all astounded Dead Cells has sole so good on a Switch? Have we played it yet? Tell us below.

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