Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2020

Dead Cells’ Bestiary Update Is Now Live On Switch, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Dead Cells Bestiary UpdateDead Cells Bestiary Update

Update (Wed 27th May, 2020 17:00 BST): Today’s a day, folks! Dead Cells‘ Bestiary Update is now live on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. It brings new affixes, achievements, enemies, outfits, and more, all of that can be found in a full patch records posted in a strange essay below.

Make certain to refurbish your diversion to a latest chronicle to suffer all of these new additions and let us know how we get on with a comment!

Original Article (Thu 23rd Apr, 2020 10:00 BST): Another giveaway refurbish for Dead Cells is headed a approach subsequent month, and Motion Twin and Evil Empire have now expelled patch records detailing all we can design to arrive alongside it.

The update, called a ‘Bestiary Update’, went live on PC yesterday. Switch owners will have to be a small bit some-more paitent, yet it sounds like it’ll be value a wait. Here’s an easy-to-follow chronicle of all a changes:

Dead Cells – Bestiary Update

  • Six code new enemies wait players
  • Three of a enemies are biome specific and 3 are found via several levels during opposite Boss Cells
  • Eleven new affixes on active skills
  • Eight new normal affixes including ice, fire, drain or poison, grenades arrows and more
  • Three new starred affixes including oil and glow swelling around when a deployable trap is destroyed, pulling enemies around we when a outcome of hte used active ends and extended generation on powers like Wings, Crow and Smokebomb
  • Two new items
  • Crowbar – a quick savagery arms that crits after violation a doorway or a brittle prop
  • Portable Door: allows we to move a doorway with we (covering your behind while we take caring of a mobs in front of we and permitting for an superb jolt outcome when we confirm to spin around)
  • The Bad Seed further from progressing this year has perceived new science bedrooms and secrets for a Arboretum and a Morass, as good as new mobs to re-balance a bestiary of a level.
  • Three new outfits top off a vital calm updates
  • Two are related to a secrets and science of The Bad Seed DLC, and one is accessible for everybody that can arise adult to a ultimate challenge.
Dead Cells Bestiary UpdateDead Cells Bestiary Update

An even some-more downright list of changes and updates is also accessible on a central Dead Cells website. We advise you, though, it’s a really extensive read.

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