Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2021

Databricks brings the lakehouse to Google Cloud

Databricks and Google Cloud currently announced a new partnership that will move to Databricks business a low formation with Google’s BigQuery height and Google Kubernetes Engine. This will concede Databricks’ users to move their information lakes and a service’s analytics capabilities to Google Cloud.

Databricks already facilities a low formation with Microsoft Azure — one that goes good over this new partnership with Google Cloud — and a association is also an AWS partner. By adding Google Cloud to this list, a association can now explain to be a “only one data height accessible opposite all 3 clouds (Google, AWS and Azure).”

It’s value stressing, though, that Databricks’ Azure formation is a bit of a opposite understanding from this new partnership with Google Cloud. “Azure Databricks is a first-party Microsoft Azure use that is sole and upheld directly by Microsoft. The first-party use is singular to a Microsoft partnership. Customers on Google Cloud will squeeze directly from Databricks by a Google Cloud Marketplace,” a association orator told me. That creates it a bit some-more of a run-of-the-mill partnership compared to a Microsoft deal, yet that doesn’t meant a dual companies aren’t only as vehement about it.

“We’re gay to broach Databricks’ lakehouse for AI and ML-driven analytics on Google Cloud,” pronounced Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian (or, some-more likely, one of a company’s many PR specialists who expected wrote and re-wrote this for him a few times before it got approved). “By mixing Databricks’ capabilities in data engineering and analytics with Google Cloud’s global, secure network—and a imagination in analytics and delivering containerized applications—we can assistance companies renovate their businesses by a energy of data.”

Similarly, Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi remarkable that he is “thrilled to partner with Google Cloud and broach on a common prophesy of a simplified, open, and one data height that supports all analytics and AI use-cases that will commission a business to innovate even faster.”

And indeed, this is clearly a stirring pleasure for everybody around, including business like Conde Nast, whose Director of Data Engineering Nana Essuman is “excited to see leaders like Google Cloud and Databricks come together to streamline and facilitate removing value from data.”

If you’re also anxious about this, you’ll be means to hear some-more about it from both Ghodsi and Kurian during an eventuality on Apr 6 that is apparently hosted by TechCrunch (though this is a initial I’ve listened of it, too).

Microsoft creates Databricks a first-party use on Azure

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