Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2020

Dark Souls Series Has Now Sold Over 27 Million Copies Worldwide, FromSoftware Confirms

Dark Souls RemasteredDark Souls Remastered

It took a while, yet Nintendo gamers finally got to representation a delights of a Dark Souls array when Dark Souls: Remastered launched on Switch behind in Oct 2018. The strange diversion expelled in 2011 and ushered in a new epoch of revengeful titles that rewarded calm and ability with low fight and intriguing, lore-filled kingdoms to explore. The array punishes carelessness, though, and (re)introduced a era of gamers to that tack of video games that was apropos a singular sight: a Game Over screen.

We gamers are gluttons for punishment, though, as reliable now by developer FromSoftware who announced around Twitter that a array has sole over 27 million copies to date, including both sequels to a seminal original:

The twitter also references Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s arriving plan and partnership with author George R. R. Martin, author of A Song Of Ice And Fire, a array blending into HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Elden Ring hasn’t been announced for Switch, and Nintendo gamers are still blank a second and third entries in a Dark Souls trilogy. Interestingly, over 10 million of these sales come from 2016’s Dark Souls III. It’s good to see that a array has finished so well, and we’d burst during a possibility to play some-more of a trilogy on Switch. Come on, FromSoftware – give us a possibility to pull that sum adult to 30 million, hmm?

While a initial Dark Souls gets a many plaudits, we’re still fans of a sequels (particularly a oft-maligned center chapter). How about you? Let us know in a darkest area of a criticism territory below…

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