Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Danger Zone Confirmed For Xbox; Enhanced For Xbox One X With Native 4K Support, New Levels & Cars

Danger Zone, from a creators of a Burnout series, is entrance to Xbox One this Fall, and will be extended for Xbox One X with local 4K support.

Three Fields Entertainment announced a news by Twitter. “Danger Zone explodes on to @Xbox this FallDanger Zone explodes on to @Xbox this Fall”, a Tweet reads. The game, directly desirous by Burnout’s renouned Crash Mode, will embody 12 new levels and 3 new cars.

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The group behind Danger Zone already teased that they were operative on new levels and a “certain other console” progressing this month. “We’ve been a bit still recently”, a developer Tweeted. “Making new levels for Danger Zone and also operative on a certain ‘other console’.”

Announced by a former members of a studio that grown a Burnout franchise, Criterion Games, Danger Zone was expelled for both PC and PS4 behind in May of this year.

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“Yeah, it’s substantially one of a many normal ideas we’ve ever had, really”, creator Alex Ward said recently when asked about creation Danger Zone. According to Ward, a introduction of new hardware authorised him to emanate something that matched his initial concepts and ideas for a game. “We were creation those early Burnout games on hardware behind in 2002 that were consternation machines during a time, though impossibly limited. we don’t consider any of a Burnout games had cars with tangible wheels. we consider Burnout Paradise was a initial one where a automobile had wheels. For games that were all about attack things, they had unequivocally singular physics. we mean, production and a PlayStation 2 didn’t unequivocally go together. So, to me, a judgment and a ideas and a themes that we explored in those games were always unfulfilled, since a hardware was not absolute adequate to unequivocally do it.”

As said, Danger Zone is accessible now for PS4 and PC, and will turn accessible this tumble for a Xbox One family.

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