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Daily Crunch: ‘The bitcoin network is not a payments network,’ says FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Tue, May 17th, 2022

Daily Crunch: ‘The bitcoin network is not a payments network,’ says FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried

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It’s Monday a 16th of May, and I’m behind once again, like a radical master. I’m fantastically over-caffeinated and during a station table today, so for a occasion, it’s a dancing desk. Because, we mean, you try to lay still while listening to this thumpin’ beat.

This week, I’m psyched to conduct out to TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility in San Mateo to get a full story on that cars will be pushing themselves and that companies are pushing into a hearts – or off a nearest cliff. Get your tickets now — we still have a few available.

In other news(casts), we utterly enjoyed Lucas and Anita’s Chain Reaction podcast, where they’re holding a demeanour during how crypto VCs can’t rest on spending their approach into loyalty.

In other news, we usually re-read my TechCrunch contract, that states no remaining obscenities are allowed, so rest positive that this newsletter usually contains particularly required swearwords. Much adore and sunbeams and such! – Haje

The TechCrunch Top 3

  • Ack — moar layoffs: Natasha and Amanda mangle down a stream obstruction in startups with a roundup of layoffs over a past week, including an research of what happened during Section4, Carvana, Latch, DataRobot, and a employing freezes during some of a tech stalwarts, including Meta, Twitter and Uber. They did a roundup final week, too, in box we missed that one. Meantime, Alex analyzes altogether information from layoff tracker Layoffs.FYI.
  • Trouble in Unicorn Town: Over on TC+, Alex considers how SaaS gratefulness multiples have taken a serve dive, now clocking in during singular digits. As he summarizes: “A startup that sole batch final year during a 50x ARR mixed would need to double and afterwards double again before it would have a mixed that is identical to a stream public-market standard.“
  • Crypto? More like crypt-no: Anita reports how 30-year-old crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried takes a appropriate during Bitcoin, observant it has no destiny as a payments network.

Startups and VC

Every now and again, startups lift income for missions that make me worry about a stream timeline we are on. Today’s installment of that thesis comes from a table of Mr. Butcher, MBE, covering WeAre8’s crowdfunding debate for a amicable media app where users are paid to watch apps. Sure, it creates clarity to get some money for your time, though also … just, ugh.

I desired this talk Aria did with high-flying (geddit …) startup Astra. It became a fastest association in story to strech circuit in November, 6 years after a founding, and a CEO says it’s aiming for daily launches earlier rather than later.

Developers, developers, developers:

  • He Rose to a occasion: Kevin Rose is a partner during a VC organisation True Ventures, though his latest plan is an NFT startup called Proof Collective, that recently launched a much-hyped 10,000 NFT collection of pixelated owls. Lucas’ talk with a startup maestro is fascinating.
  • The five-horned grocery unicorn: German Flink buys French Cajoo for around $93 million in a landmark understanding valuing a latter during $5 billion, a large travel on Flink’s many new gratefulness of $2.85 billion.
  • The epoch of a excitable bus: Mass movement done a miscarry with a lapse of city life post-COVID 19, and Optibus is building tech to assistance it run some-more smoothly. It lifted a Series D during a $1.3 billion valuation. Wowzahs.
  • Where a food flows freely: Twiga told Annie it has begun producing horticultural furnish like onions, tomatoes and watermelons on a 650 hectares of land, with an estimated outlay of 150,000 tons of uninformed furnish annually.
  • Indie brands, Made in China: 404 is a HTTP blunder formula for “page not found,” so we can usually presupposition that Body404 is a height for people who can’t utterly find their bodies. In any case, Rita reports it’s celebrating a farrago of Chinese indie brands.
  • Charge it forward: Paypal alum contingent Jeremy Jonker, Jay Ganatra and Mario Ruiz lifted a $158 million fund, already investing in 11 companies out of a fund, Mary Ann reports.
  • Spendin’ by a downturn: While final week was though a doubt a misfortune week for crypto item opening in a really prolonged time, that doesn’t seem to be interlude eFounders. The software-as-a-service startup studio is rising a new sub-studio called 3founders, Romain reports.

5 lessons from ‘Star Wars’ that can renovate startup managers’ strategies and tactics

Image Credits: Natalia_80 / Getty Images

The “Star Wars” tale is formed on a storytelling structure grown by Joseph Campbell, a author and literary highbrow who recognised of “the hero’s journey.”

Consisting of 12 stages, his archetype calls for a protagonist who leaves typical life behind after conference a call to journey — we can suppose since it’s a renouned embellishment among tech investors.

According to Touchdown Ventures President Scott Lenet, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi offering 5 dissimilar lessons for founders and investors.

For example, “’I have a bad feeling about this’ is a repeated fun in a authorization — scarcely each vital impression utters a line during one indicate or another,” writes Lenet.

“These are also difference to live by for corporate and startup leaders, since they are an button of recognition and proactivity.”

(TechCrunch+ is a membership program, that helps founders and startup teams get ahead. You can pointer adult here.)

5 lessons from ‘Star Wars’ that can renovate startup managers’ strategies and tactics

Big Tech Inc.

You competence not be meditative “games” when we hear Hulu, though a newest partnership with Xbox is changing that – Lauren reported it usually inked a new understanding that gives U.S. Hulu subscribers 3 months of a PC Game Pass as a Friends with Benefits initiative. Amazing name aside, maybe it’s time to brush off my gaming supply (who am we kidding; we ain’t got time to play games. Too bustling tweeting about coffee and my slowly-circling-the-drain mental health).

After EU pressure, it looks like Apple competence be inching itself closer to introducing Apple iPhone models with a USB-C port. As someone who has USB-C cables strewn around each surface, room, nook, and corner of my house, that would work beautifully for me – though Apple has prolonged resisted a pressure, so we’ll see what indeed happens on that front. I’m certain Darrell will continue to keep us sideways of a figure of iPhone’s crevices.

  • Excuse me, Robot, are we my Uber? Uber Eats is piloting unconstrained deliveries with Serve and Motional. we usually wish a robots also eat their vitamins, find love, and find some time for walks in a forest.
  • I wrote this, we like this: Twitter is contrast a new “Liked by Author” tag that appears when a creator of a twitter likes your reply, Aisha reports.
  • Da, da, da, contend goodbye to your data: A new news from a Irish Council for Civil Liberties argues that a real-time behest complement is “the biggest information crack ever recorded.”
  • All a things, all a places, all a time, on a travel nearby you: Uber suggested a horde of new platforms and facilities during a tellurian product event. The new products camber Uber’s ride-hail and smoothness services and aim to boost ridership, open new lines of business, incentivize drivers to go electric and more, Rebecca reports.

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