Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2020

Daily Crunch: Social media confronts choosing misinformation

You might have listened that a United States had a presidential choosing yesterday, with copiousness of implications for a tech world, quite with amicable media as one of a battlegrounds in a quarrel over a results. Meanwhile, vital tech-relevant list measures, like California’s Proposition 22, also passed. I’ll do my best to cover it all in your Daily Crunch for Nov 4, 2020.

The large story: Social media confronts choosing misinformation

Here’s a good news: Election Day in a United States was mostly giveaway from disruptive cyberattacks.

The bad news? Well, we don’t have a leader in a presidential choosing nonetheless — nonetheless Joe Biden is adult 2% in a renouned opinion as we write this on Wednesday afternoon, and he’s heading narrowly in pivotal bridgehead states. The doubt has combined a large event for misinformation, quite from President Donald Trump and others concerned with his debate who are perplexing to expel doubt on a voting and vote-counting routine while betimes claiming victory.

As my co-worker Taylor Hatmaker put it, this is a “nightmare misinformation scenario,” with a boss and his debate doing their best to “work a misinformation ecosystem he’s cultivated over a final 4 years.”

At slightest Facebook and Twitter are perplexing to branch a widespread in opposite ways: Twitter has combined warning labels to countless Trump and Trump debate posts (Trump and his debate members aren’t a usually ones removing warnings labels right now, though to be clear: They’re a ones swelling dangerous misinformation about a formula — while a Biden debate is, to put it simply, not). Facebook also combined messages during a tip of both Facebook and Instagram observant that votes are still being counted.

The tech giants

Apple, Microsoft and other tech bonds bark as a presidential choosing narrows to several states — At a tighten of trade today, a tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite was adult 3.8%.

Zynga reports record income and clever user expansion while still losing $122M — The association likely serve expansion in Q4, with income adult 55% to $570 million.

Startups, appropriation and try capital

Intel has acquired, a height to manage, build and automate appurtenance training — Intel continues to snap adult startups to build out a appurtenance training and AI operations.

Aveine’s Smart Wine Aerator is a outrageous ascent for booze lovers, and could emanate some new ones, too — This tool from a French startup offers variable, present aeration, along with a connected app platform.

Hustle Fund, a pre-seed firm, closes $30M for a new account — Hustle Fund was combined by Elizabeth Yin and Eric Bahn, dual former 500 Startups partners.

Advice and research from Extra Crunch

Will new SEC equity crowdfunding manners inspire some-more founders to pass a hat? — Companies can now lift $5 million around equity crowdfunding.

As tech bonds rally, move on a IPOs — The Exchange has listened whispers that a late-November/early-December duration could be active for new filings.

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Everything else

CA list magnitude that keeps gig workers as eccentric contractors is projected to pass — Uber, Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash (the vital backers of California’s Proposition 22) are removing their way.

Cannabis legalization measures set to pass in 5 states — Cannabis legalization was on 5 state ballots yesterday and ran a table.

Massachusetts electorate pass a right-to-repair measure, giving them rare entrance to their automobile information — Under a measure, once a chairman buys a vehicle, they possess all of a data.

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