Published On: Thu, Jul 23rd, 2020

Daily Crunch: Slack files antitrust censure opposite Microsoft

An antitrust conflict is brewing between Microsoft and Slack, Apple continues to urge a App Store policies and Dexterity raises appropriation for room robots. Here’s your Daily Crunch for Jul 22, 2020.

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The large story: Slack files antitrust censure opposite Microsoft

The censure was filed in a European Union and alleges that Microsoft is foul bundling a Teams product with a broader Office suite.

“Microsoft has illegally tied a Teams product into a market-dominant Office capability suite, force installing it for millions, restraint a removal, and stealing a loyal cost to craving customers,” Slack pronounced in a statement.

When Microsoft initial announced Teams in 2016, Slack took out an ad derisive a association and observant it welcomed competition. In April, Microsoft pronounced Teams has grown to 75 million daily active users, compared to a 12.5 million that Slack reported in March.

The tech giants

Apple digs in heels over a App Store elect structure with redeem of new investigate — Apple has been commissioning investigate that defends a 30% elect on App Store purchases.

Spotify and Universal pointer new chartering deal, will partner on growth of offered collection — In further to re-securing Universal’s catalog for a song streaming service, a understanding signs adult Universal as an early adopter of Spotify’s destiny products for labels and artists.

Twitter cracks down on QAnon swindling theory, banning 7,000 accounts — Moving forward, Twitter pronounced it will be stealing QAnon-related topics from a trending pages and algorithmic recommendations and restraint any compared URLs.

Startups, appropriation and try capital

Dexterity exits secrecy with $56.2 million lifted for a collaborative room robots — The startup’s complement combines hardware and module for room tasks like bin picking and box packing.

Misfits Market raises $85 million Series B to send we ‘ugly’ fruits and veggies — Users pointer adult for a weekly furnish box and can also supplement chocolate, snacks, chips, coffee, herbs, grains, lentils, salsas and spices.

YC-backed Glimpse helps Airbnb hosts make income by product chain — Airbnbs could a ideal place to remonstrate someone to try a new mattress or a new kind of coffee.

Advice and research from Extra Crunch

What we need to know before offered your company’s batch — Part 3 of financial confidant Peyton Carr’s beam for startup founders.

Messenger collection can assistance we redeem millions in mislaid income — Rank Secure CEO Baruch Labunski says follower collection have helped a singular customer redeem some-more than $5 million in mislaid revenue.

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Everything else

GEDmatch confirms information crack after users’ DNA form information done accessible to military — The association pronounced that during a breach, “Users who did not opt-in for law coercion relating were also accessible for law coercion matching, and conversely, all law coercion profiles were done manifest to Gedmatch users.”

Go SPAC yourself — I’d never listened of SPACs before today, though a latest part of Equity explains that they could offer a approach for companies to go open by a opposite pricing mechanism.

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