Published On: Tue, Oct 20th, 2020

Daily Crunch: Pakistan un-bans TikTok

TikTok earnings to Pakistan, Apple launches a music-focused streaming hire and SpaceX launches some-more Starlink satellites. This is your Daily Crunch for Oct 19, 2020.

The large story: Pakistan un-bans TikTok

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocked a video app 11 days ago, over what it described as “immoral,” “obscene” and “vulgar” videos. The government pronounced currently that it’s lifting a anathema after negotiating with TikTok management.

“The replacement of TikTok is particularly theme to a condition that a height will not be used for a widespread of vulgarity/indecent calm governmental values will not be abused,” it continued.

This isn’t a initial time this year a nation attempted to moment down on digital content. Pakistan announced new internet censorship manners this year, yet rescinded them after Facebook, Google and Twitter threatened to leave a country.

The tech giants

Apple launches a US-only song video station, Apple Music TV —  The new song video hire offers a free, 24-hour live tide of renouned song videos and other song content.

Google Cloud launches Lending DocAI, a initial dedicated debt attention apparatus — The apparatus is meant to assistance debt companies speed adult a routine of evaluating a borrower’s income and item documents.

Facebook introduces a new Messenger API with support for Instagram — The refurbish means businesses will be means to confederate Instagram messaging into a applications and workflows they’re already regulating in-house to conduct their Facebook conversations.

Startups, appropriation and try capital

SpaceX successfully launches 60 some-more Starlink satellites, bringing sum delivered to circuit to some-more than 800 — That creates 835 Starlink satellites launched so far, yet not all of those are operational.

Singapore tech-based genuine estate organisation Propseller raises $1.2M seed turn — Propseller combines a tech height with in-house agents to tighten exchange some-more quickly.

Ready Set Raise, an accelerator for women built by women, announces third category — Ready Set Raise has altered a programming to be some-more focused on a “realistic fundraising process” vetted by hundreds of women.

Advice and research for Extra Crunch

Are VCs slicing checks in a shutting days of a 2020 election? — Several investors told TechCrunch they were separate about how they’re creation these decisions.

Disney+ UX teardown: Wins, fails and fixes — With a assistance of Built for Mars owner and UX consultant Peter Ramsey, we prominence some of a things Disney+ gets right and things that should be fixed.

Late-stage deals done Q3 2020 a standout VC entertain for US-based startups — Investors corroborated a record 88 megarounds of $100 million or more.

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Everything else

US charges Russian hackers blamed for Ukraine energy outages and a NotPetya ransomware conflict — Prosecutors pronounced a organisation of hackers, who work for a Russian GRU, are behind a “most disruptive and mortal array of mechanism attacks ever attributed to a singular group.”

Stitcher’s podcasts arrive on Pandora with acquisition’s execution — SiriusXM currently finished a formerly announced $325 million merger of podcast height Stitcher from E.W. Scripps, and has now launched Stitcher’s podcasts on Pandora.

Original Content podcast: It’s tough to conflict a stupidity of ‘Emily in Paris’ — The show’s Paris is a fantasy, yet it’s a anticipation that we’re happy to visit.

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