Published On: Fri, Feb 5th, 2021

Daily Crunch: Microsoft rethinks corporate intranet

Microsoft tries to urge corporate intranet, Google will offer new smartphone health measurements and 23andMe is going open around SPAC. This is your Daily Crunch for Feb 4, 2021.

The vast story: Microsoft rethinks corporate intranet

Microsoft launched what it’s job a new “employee knowledge platform,” designed to reinvent those corporate intranet sites that vast companies use to share calm with their employees.

What creates this new platform, called Viva, any different? Well, it integrates with Microsoft’s other partnership collection like SharePoint and Yammer, along with LinkedIn Learning and other training services, and it also includes group analytics.

In a pre-recorded video, CEO Satya Nadella pronounced Microsoft is rising this because, “We have participated in a largest at-scale remote work examination a universe has seen and it has had a thespian impact on a worker experience. As a universe recovers, there is no going back. Flexibility in when, where and how we work will be key.”

The tech giants

Venmo to benefit crypto, budgeting, assets and Honey integrations this year — The Venmo mobile payments app is going to demeanour really opposite in 2021 as it inches closer to neobank territory.

Google to offer heart and respiratory rate measurements regulating usually your smartphone’s camera — Google is introducing facilities that will concede users to take critical health measurements regulating usually a camera they already have on their smartphone.

HubSpot acquires media startup The Hustle — HubSpot says calm is an increasingly critical partial of a business, with business anticipating a products by things like YouTube videos and HubSpot Academy.

Startups, appropriation and try capital

23andMe set to go open around a Virgin Group SPAC partnership — The transaction is approaching to outcome in 23andMe carrying around $984 million in money accessible during close.

Accel backs Mexican startup Flink’s bid to move consumer investing to Latin America — Since rising a initial brokerage product in Jul of 2020, Flink has surpassed 1 million users and 800,000 active brokerage accounts.

Tovala, a intelligent oven and dish pack service, heats adult with $30M some-more in appropriation — This is a second spin of appropriation for a startup in a space of 6 months.

Advice and research from Extra Crunch

Four strategies for low tech founders who are fundraising — Step one: Use storytelling to prominence your vast vision.

Why one Databricks financier thinks a association might be undervalued — The new Databricks appropriation round, a $1 billion investment during a $28 billion valuation, was one of a year’s many critical private investments so far.

Extra Crunch is now employing for reporter, editor and plan manager positions — Extra Crunch is about to spin dual years aged and we now have a lot of perfectionist subscribers. (We adore them, of course.)

(Extra Crunch is a membership program, that helps founders and startup teams get ahead. You can pointer adult here.)

Everything else

A flourishing series of startups are formulating APIs to consider and equivalent corporate CO emissions — It was usually a matter of time before focus programming interfaces came for a CO credit offsets.

The cloud infrastructure marketplace strike $129B in 2020 — That’s adult from around $97 billion in 2019, according to information from Synergy Research Group.

China’s inhabitant blockchain network embraces tellurian developers — Last year, an ambitious, government-backed blockchain infrastructure network launched in China.

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