Published On: Sat, Feb 29th, 2020

Daily Crunch: Facebook cancels F8 over coronavirus concerns

Coronavirus fears prompt even some-more eventuality cancellations, argumentative facial approval program is being used widely and DocuSign acquires Seal Software. Here’s your Daily Crunch for Feb 28, 2020.

1. Facebook cancels F8 conference, citing coronavirus concerns

Facebook has reliable that it has canceled a annual F8 developers discussion over flourishing concerns about a COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. More specifically, a association says it’s canceling a “in-person component” — there might still be video presentations, along with live-streamed and internal events, underneath a F8 umbrella.

At a same time, companies, including Microsoft, are pulling out of a Game Developers Conference over identical concerns. And a Geneva Motor Show was usually canceled.

2. Clearview pronounced a facial approval app was usually for law coercion as it courted private companies

After claiming that it would usually sell a argumentative facial approval program to law coercion agencies, a new news in BuzzFeed News suggests that Clearview AI is reduction than perceptive about a customer base, and has in fact shopped a record distant and wide.

3. DocuSign acquires Seal Software for $188M to raise a AI chops

Seal Software was founded in 2010, and, while it might not be a mainstream brand, a business embody a likes of PayPal, Dell, Nokia and DocuSign itself. (DocuSign formerly invested in a company, too.) These businesses use Seal for a agreement government tools, though also for a analytics, find and information descent services.

4. Senate passes ‘rip and replace’ check to mislay aged Huawei and ZTE apparatus from networks

Written as a response to new concerns around Chinese hardware manufacturers, a check would anathema squeeze of telecom apparatus from embattled Chinese manufactures like Huawei and ZTE. It also includes $1 billion in appropriation to assistance smaller farming telecoms “rip and replace” existent apparatus from specific manufacturers.

5. The universe Bob Iger made

The Disney executive has been plainly meditative about retirement and acid for a inheritor — a hunt that culminated in this week’s proclamation that he’d be stepping down from a CEO purpose immediately. But Iger’s period formulation hasn’t stopped him from solidifying Disney’s prevalence of a party business, a position designed to final prolonged after his departure. (Extra Crunch membership required.)

6. ‘Robot’ was coined 100 years ago, in a play presaging tellurian annihilation by android hands

Published 100 years ago, R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Czech author Karel Čapek is best remembered for bringing a word “robot” to sci-fi — and English, generally.

7. Catching adult with Startup Battlefield

We’re perplexing out something new: As we (hopefully) know, TechCrunch hosts a series of Startup Battlefield events, and afterwards, those startups mostly go on to do engaging and newsworthy things. But there are so many Battlefield alumni during this indicate that we can’t cover each announcement. So occasionally, I’ll be rounding them adult here.

This week, we’ve got news from Berlin 2019 aspirant, that is crowdsourcing a connectivity of intelligent sensors by offloading a charge to smartphones. And Nodle announced this week that it has acquired Internet-of-Things confidence association

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