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Daily Crunch: Better.com CEO Vishal Garg says he’s on the hook for $750M SoftBank loan | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sat, May 14th, 2022

Daily Crunch: Better.com CEO Vishal Garg says he’s on a offshoot for $750M SoftBank loan

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It’s Friday a 13th, and we wish zero sinful happened to we today. At slightest a weekend is here! At a really least, we can locate adult on a latest Terraform Labs news — Binance halted Luna and UST trade — and some good podcasts from your favorite TechCrunchers. And make certain to secure your “seat” for a Jun 1 TechCrunch Live eventuality in Columbus. See we Monday! – Christine

The TechCrunch Top 3

  • If Elon doesn’t buy Twitter, during slightest Snoop Dogg is prepared to pounce: Early this morning, Elon Musk tweeted that his due squeeze of Twitter was on reason while he total out a commission of feign accounts regulating a amicable media channel. Though he also tweeted he stays “committed to a acquisition,” we enjoyed observant Snoop Dogg twitter his enterprise to maybe take a run during it if Musk does not. His devise for it is not bad, actually.
  • Dining out on Dineout: In some online food grouping MA news, Swiggy pronounced it was appropriation Dineout, a Indian homogeneous of OpenTable. This puts Swiggy precisely into a dining-out sector, dominated for utterly some time in a nation by Zomato, whose marketplace top has forsaken to about $5 billion. It also represents additional converging within a hulk marketplace perplexing to make clarity of a pestilence boost.
  • More layoffs: Natasha and Amanda were already bustling final week throwing adult on a innumerable tech layoffs, and unfortunately have another list currently that includes Section4, Carvana and Latch. Even Meta is not immune.

Startups and VC

  • On a hook: That’s what Better.com CEO Vishal Garg is observant about a $750 million SoftBank loan. By Garg presumption personal shortcoming for a loan, he is probable for any losses. However, a association might also be influenced since any waste could need him to sell a lot of his Better.com holdings, that could negatively impact shares. Still a disaster no matter how we demeanour during it.
  • Dress we adult in indie brands: China-based Body404 is betting that a West will welcome a subsequent era of wardrobe designers who wish to give them something that isn’t only a cheaper runway knockoff. It’s paid off in that a association is now valued during $50 million after lifting $50 million in March. Also engaging to note is that business are not returning a garments — Body404’s lapse rate is around 2%, most reduction than a 10% conform courtesy average.
  • Revel with a cause: Frank Reig, who sits during a helm of Revel, a association building fast-charging hubs for electric vehicles, held adult with Rebecca to plead a company’s change from moped pity and a stretch Revel has trafficked to expostulate electric car adoption.
  • Watch and get paid: Our courtesy is profitable and mostly being pulled in opposite directions. WeAre8 wants to prerogative we for doing what DVR has enabled us to skip for many years now — watch ads. The association is led by promotion guru Sue Fennessy, who aims to drive ad appropriation divided from amicable media giants like Facebook and channel it into a good cause.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Dutch’s $20M Series A deck

Pitch rug cover slip with a accessible dog, a word DUTCH, and TechCrunch Pitch Deck Teardown overlaid

Image Credits: Dutch

As CEO and owner of practical veterinarian caring height Dutch, Joe Spector primarily dictated to lift a $15 million Series A, though his representation rug so decently blended visuals of accessible pets with marketplace investigate and traction metrics, he finished adult shutting a $20 million round.

With flair, Dutch’s rug tells a convincing story of how a association used a seed appropriation to launch a use within 3 months, settle a code identity, build a team, and enhance from 12 to 32 states, Haje Jan Kamps writes in a weekly Pitch Deck Teardown.

If you’re operative on a representation rug and are in need of inspiration, start here: All 17 slides are accessible to TC+ members.

(TechCrunch+ is a membership program, that helps founders and startup teams get ahead. You can pointer adult here.)

Pitch Deck Teardown: Dutch’s $20M Series A deck

Big Tech Inc.

Row, row, quarrel your Peloton: That’s right folks, Peloton is perplexing to finish a severe week on a certain note by adding another oar into a rival rowing appurtenance market. After offered my Peloton bike in 2019, this held my courtesy as we detected a adore for rowing. Here’s anticipating a cost tab is a small bit some-more accessible to my bill than a bike was.

Zoom gets a patron use day: The video communication hulk is appropriation conversational AI association Solvvy in an bid to offer patron use practice within Zoom’s toolset. Company shares are adult on a news, so it seems Zoom chose wisely.

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  • Astra wants to launch rockets on a daily and shares how it will do that.
  • DeepMind expelled a new AI height called Gato, that can apparently perform over 600 tasks.
  • Former Nintendo of America boss Regie Fils-Aimé talked to Brian about his new book, a SPAC he’s concerned in and because he argued for a improved cost indicate for Nintendo 3DS.

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