Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

Daily Crunch: Apple unveils new iPad Pro and MacBook Air

Apple has new hardware coming, a U.S. supervision competence use dungeon phone information to lane a widespread of COVID-19 and Fox acquires a streaming company. Here’s your Daily Crunch for Mar 18, 2020.

1. Apple announces new iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro looks more-or-less like a existent iPad Pro, though with improved specifications, and a new Magic Keyboard with backlit keys, a trackpad and a hinge that allows we to pierce a iPad freely.

Apple also announced a new MacBook Air that’s removing that same Magic Keyboard mechanism, that was introduced with a 16-inch MacBook Pro final year. The new scissor mechanisms offer some-more transport than a earlier, much-maligned MacBook keyboard and should reason adult many better.

2. US supervision reportedly in talks with tech companies on how to use plcae information in COVID-19 fight

U.S. supervision officials are now in contention with a series of tech companies, including Facebook and Google, around how information from dungeon phones competence yield methods for combating a ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to a new Washington Post report.

3. Fox gets deeper into streaming with $440M merger of Tubi

Tubi, an ad-supported streaming service, will move a new digitally local consumer charity to Fox. (This Fox is a promote news and party association holding what stays of a Murdoch family’s radio and wire sports and media resources after a sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney.)

4. Facebook poorly blocked some links, including coronavirus info

Facebook suffered from a large bug in a News Feed spam filter, causing URLs for legitimate websites, including Medium, BuzzFeed and USA Today, to be blocked from being common as posts or comments. As of yesterday evening, a association pronounced it has easy all a posts that were wrongly removed.

5. With a transport marketplace in tatters, when can Airbnb go open in 2020?

The world’s transport attention has turn uneasy in light of a widespread of COVID-19, a ensuing limit closures and rebate in personal and business travel. Mix in a extended batch marketplace sell-off, and Airbnb is in a wily spot. (Extra Crunch membership required.)

6. SpaceX’s latest Starlink launch enclosed an variable engine issue

While successful in a primary mission, a latest SpaceX launch wasn’t though astonishing issues: The delegate goal of recuperating a Falcon 9 upholder with a tranquil alighting failed, for a second launch in a row.

7. Facebook announces $100M extend module for tiny businesses

Applications aren’t open yet, though a association says a module will embody both ad credits and money grants that can be spent on operational costs like profitable workers and profitable rent.

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