Published On: Thu, Aug 20th, 2020

Daily Crunch: Apple hits $2 trillion marketplace cap

Apple batch reaches a large milestone, Facebook Portal gets some-more work-friendly and Twitter reports swell opposite hatred speech. This is your Daily Crunch for Aug 19, 2020.

The large story: Apple hits $2 trillion marketplace cap

Apple’s share cost is adult around 59% given a commencement of a year, notwithstanding saying comparatively modest, 11% year-over-year income expansion in a many new gain report.

Alex Wilhelm argues that Apple’s clever marketplace performance, and identical strength from other tech giants, is a good thing for startups:

Public rallies can assistance allege IPOs, and acquisitions. So today’s news that Apple is now amply abounding adequate to contrition Croesus means that your friendly, internal startup competence be means to tighten that subsequent turn during a cost that it likes.

The tech giants

Facebook Portal gets critical about remote work with BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Webex and Zoom apps — All of a apps will be nearing during some indicate in Sep for a Portal Mini, customary Portal and Portal+.

Twitter claims increasing coercion of hatred debate and abuse policies in final half of 2019 — The association claims that a ability to “proactively” aspect calm violations for tellurian examination has helped it boost enforcement.

Top Facebook executive in India files rapist censure opposite a publisher for pity news news — A examination of a publisher Awesh Tiwari’s post, combined in Hindi, finds that it was merely summarizing a new Wall Street Journal report.

Startups, appropriation and try capital’s 1-year-old health unicorn to get $830M from Hillhouse — When Alibaba’s opposition saw an event in a medication drug market, it spun out a medical section into a auxiliary called JD Health.

Hangar raises $15 million for a try studio for supervision record startups — Founded by former Bloomberg confidant Josh Mendelsohn, Hangar has already combined 4 businesses.

India’s initial Earth-imaging satellite startup raises $5 million; initial launch designed for after this year — Once all of a company’s tiny satellites are on orbit, a Pixxel network will be means to yield globe-spanning imaging capabilities on a daily basis.

Advice and research from Extra Crunch

Max Levchin is looking forward to fintech’s subsequent large opportunities — We sat down with Levchin for a new event of Extra Crunch Live, where he spoke during length about what he sees as some of a large opportunities in fintech.

Dear Sophie: How can we send my H-1B to my startup? — An H-1B standing worker during a tech association asks about a implications of initial (and operative for) their possess startup.

Join Twilio’s Jeff Lawson for a live QA Aug 25 during 2:30 pm EDT/11:30 am PDT — Twilio has turn a giant, value some-more than $37 billion currently after going open in 2016.

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Everything else

Fearing coronavirus, a Michigan college marks a students with a injured app — The Aura app had during slightest dual confidence vulnerabilities usually detected after it was rolled out.

Scotland spaceport gets full approval, will be means to horde adult to 12 launches per year — This will be a destiny launch site for Orbex, a startup looking to rise a U.K.’s initial reusable orbital launch vehicle.

At a first-ever practical DNC, Democrats play it protected — The initial all-virtual Democratic National Convention is in full swing, though don’t design fireworks.

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