Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

Daily Crunch: Amazon announces new room reserve steps

Amazon says it will start holding additional stairs to safeguard a reserve of a room workers, SoftBank backs out of a latest WeWork investment and Zoom tries to repair a confidence issues. Here’s your Daily Crunch for Apr 2, 2020.

1. Amazon starts regulating heat checks and will yield surgical masks during warehouses

Amazon has already taken some precautions, including imperative paid 14-day quarantines for employees who exam positive, as good as increasing cleaning and sanitization efforts of families and infrastructure. The new measures to be introduced subsequent week embody holding temperatures of employees during a entrances to warehouses, with any people wth a heat of some-more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit to be sent home, where they’ll have to have 3 uninterrupted days but heat to lapse to work.

There have been a series of worker actions in response to Amazon’s doing of a coronavirus crisis, including a walkout during a company’s Staten Island warehouse.

2. SoftBank terminates $3B proposal offer for WeWork shares

SoftBank was already rumored to be removing cold feet when a Wall Street Journal reported final month that it was regulating regulatory investigations as a approach to behind out of a joining to buy $3 billion in shares from existent WeWork shareholders.

3. Zoom freezes underline growth to repair confidence and remoteness issues

Zoom has been widely criticized over a past integrate of weeks for terrible security, a feeble designed screensharing feature, dubious dim patterns, feign end-to-end-encryption claims and an deficient remoteness policy. So a association says that for a subsequent 90 days it’s enacting a underline freeze, that means it won’t boat any new underline until it is finished regulating a stream underline set. Zoom will also work with third-party experts and ready a clarity report.

4. Luckin Coffee’s house triggers review into $300M intensity fraud

In a filing with a SEC, a company’s house announced that it has instituted an inner review into a activities of a former COO Jian Liu, who competence have arrogant revenues by a association by an early guess of some-more than $300 million (RMB2.2 billion).

5. How 6 tip VCs are bettering to a new uncertainty

If we review VC Twitter, we competence consider that zero has altered during all. It’s not tough to find investors who contend they are still slicing checks and doing deals. But as Q1 try information trickles in, it appears that VC activity is gradually negligence down. (Extra Crunch membership required.)

6. In a poignant change, Apple business can now buy or lease titles directly in a Prime Video app

For years, Amazon has prevented users from directly purchasing cinema and TV shows from a Prime Video app on Apple inclination as a approach to equivocate height fees. A new refurbish changes that.

7. Air Doctor scores $7.8M to bond travellers with internal doctors

Founded in 2016, Air Doctor aims to commission travellers who get ill when abroad and need non-emergency recommendation or treatment. It has combined a network of internal private physicians that travellers can access, typically around transport word or perks.

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