Published On: Thu, Dec 31st, 2020

Daily Crunch: Amazon acquires Wondery

Amazon creates a large podcast acquisition, a Chinese drudge builder raises $100 million and we examination a robotic cat pillow. This is your Daily Crunch for Dec 30, 2020.

The large story: Amazon acquires Wondery

Amazon is a latest association to make a large merger in a podcast marketplace — it’s shopping Wondery, a podcast network behind shows like “Dirty John” and “Doctor Death.”

Although Wondery is apropos partial of Amazon Music (which combined podcast support in September), a association also says that “nothing will change for listeners” and that Wondery’s podcasts will continue to be accessible from “a accumulation of providers.”

The financial terms of a understanding were not disclosed.

Startups, appropriation and try capital

China’s adaptive drudge builder Flexiv raises over $100M — Wang Shiquan, an alumnus of Stanford’s Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab, founded Flexiv with a concentration on building adaptive robots for a production industry.

Biteable raises a $7M Series A for a template-based online video builder — The product is designed for formulating video resources that have some-more staying energy than proxy amicable videos.

An aspiring examination of a robotic cat sham — It’s cute!

Advice and research from Extra Crunch

On a farrago front, 2020 might infer a tipping indicate — VCs have talked about farrago for eons but doing many about it.

2020 will change a approach we demeanour during robotics — From logistics to food prep, robots are custom-built to assistance humankind tarry a pandemic.

Dear Sophie: Tips for removing a National Interest immature label by myself? — The latest book of Dear Sophie, profession Sophie Alcorn’s recommendation mainstay responding immigration-related questions about operative during record companies.

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Everything else

Section 230 is threatened in new check restraining guilt defense dissolution to $2,000 checks — The pierce seems some-more like a domestic scheme than a genuine gash during tech regulation.

NSO used genuine people’s plcae information to representation a contact-tracing tech, researchers contend — Researchers contend NSO’s use of genuine information “violated a privacy” of thousands of oblivious people.

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