Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

Cyber Shadow’s Publishing Deal With Yacht Club Games Didn’t Happen Overnight

Cyber Shadow Cropped

Ninja-themed games have had utterly a resurgence in new times. Most recently, Yacht Club Games announced it would be edition a 8-bit movement platformer Cyber Shadow on mixed platforms, including a Switch.

In a new talk with Destructoid, Yacht Club suggested a partnership with Aarne Hunziker from Mechanical Head Studios didn’t occur overnight. In fact, Hunziker, who had been operative on Cyber Shadow for a series of years, creatively had “no intention” of teaming adult with a publisher, so it took Yacht Club some time to remonstrate him. Here’s a transcription, pleasantness of GoNintendo:

“…(MekaSkull) had no goal of grabbing a publisher, though we usually kept perplexing to awaken him into fasten a small family, and here he is. …Bringing some-more prominence to a diversion has been cool, though we feel like we’re usually vouchsafing it uncover for itself. It was already cool. That’s because we went after it to start with… and initially, he did contend no, though we managed to remonstrate him over time that it was a good idea… operative together, we built a trust. You have to concede yourself to be vulnerable, usually like Cyber Shadow… You usually get 3 hit[point]s, during slightest for a demo.”

On a apart though associated note, Cyber Shadow doesn’t share “much in common” with The Messenger, either. According to Destructoid, it’s like comparing Ninja Gaiden to Shinobi. Cyber Shadow is presumably about movement and tech-powered fights opposite mech monstrosities since The Messenger is some-more of an scrutiny platforming knowledge where we take on imaginary creatures.

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