Published On: Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

Cyanogen’s New MOD Platform Will Allow Developers To Deeply Integrate Their Apps Into Its OS

Typically, mobile apps are stand-alone use that play easily with a handling complement yet aren’t entirely integrated in it. Cyanogen — a association best famous for a Android-based Cyanogen OS — is rising MOD today, a new developer height that will give app developers a ability to confederate their apps some-more directly into a handling system.


The simple thought here is to give developers entrance to many of a local APIs that were formerly usually accessible to a OS developers themselves so they can write integrated versions of their apps or extensions for their existent ones.

Given a intensity confidence implications of this, it’s no warn that Cyanogen is usually operative with a tiny series of developers on this for now, yet a association wants to open this height adult to all developers in a prolonged run.

Cyanogen tells me that it sees these ‘mods’ as “the expansion of apps” that will usher in a “post-app era.”

What does this meant in practice? With MOD, developers will be means to confederate their VoIP apps directly into a Android dialer app, for example. The group worked with Skype on this and this will expected be one of a initial MODs to boat with a Cyanogen OS in one a subsequent updates.

Using a Skype integration, Cyanogen OS users will be means to select either they wish to make a call over a phone network or over Skype right from a dialer. So instead of carrying a series of dialer apps (the local one, one for Skype, and maybe another one for Hangouts), we could only have a singular app.

Instagram2Given Cyanogen’s tighten attribute with Microsoft, it’s no warn a group didn’t only take Skype yet also Cortana and built a mod for it as well. Using this new platform, a group integrated Cortana’s voice approval services into a camera app. Thanks to this, we can now use your voice to take a selfie instead of carrying to fail with a camera button. The group also took Microsoft’s Hyperlapse and integrated it directly into a camera app as well.

Similarly, Cyanogen used MOD to built a some-more interactive lock-screen knowledge that allows users to see updates from their favorite amicable networks but carrying to record into a OS.

The height will hurl out to users with Cyanogen inclination with a launch of Cyanogen OS 13.0 subsequent month.

In addition, a association is also rising a module for a OEM and MNO partners (“MOD ready”) who wish to enable their inclination for a platform. Cyanogen will yield these partners with a growth pack and it will ensure that a program is prepared for a latest era of chipsets.

Cyanogen and Cyanogen OS are still niche products, of course, so it stays to be seen how many developers will wish to deposit in essay these new kinds of lightweight apps. It’s tough adequate for many to rise for iOS and Android, after all. Adding nonetheless another platform with comparatively small strech might spin out to be a step too distant for many. That said, though, this is really an engaging proceed and it’ll be engaging to see if other OS vendors will confirm to go a identical route.

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