Published On: Sat, Dec 24th, 2016

Cyanogen unsuccessful to kill Android, now it is shuttering the services and OS as partial of a pivot

It’s been a hilly few months for Cyanogen, a desirous startup that directed to build a improved chronicle of Android than Google. It has laid off staff, let go of a CEO and split ways with another co-founder — now it is shutting down a services and nightly module builds on Dec 31.

The news was announced in a brief blog post expelled late on Friday:

As partial of a ongoing converging of Cyanogen, all services and Cyanogen-supported nightly builds will be dropped no after than 12/31/16. The open source plan and source formula will sojourn permitted for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally.

This refurbish means owners of a device that runs a Cyanogen OS — such as a OnePlus One — must now transition over to a CyanogenMod ROM, that is not a blurb product and is managed by a village of developers led by former co-founder Steve Klondik.

This radically outlines a finish of Cyanogen’s grand ambition. Outspoken former CEO Kirk McMaster once claimed his association was “putting a bullet by Google’s head,” though now it is transitioning to a opposite proceed that new CEO Lior Tal believes will be some-more appealing to OEMs.

Tal, who was formerly Cyanogen COO, described a new Cyanogen Modular OS program as “designed to grasp a strange design of an open and smarter Android though a stipulations of requiring a full Cyanogen OS smoke-stack and particular device bring-ups.”

Essentially, Cyanogen has given adult on murdering Google and will instead adapt to live in Google’s world.

Its software was always a tough sell since it required handset makers to embankment Android and Google services wholly in preference of Cyanogen’s possess alternatives. Then there was a politics. OnePlus was Cyanogen’s largest partner, though a attribute was stretched and it finished on a green note after only one device.

Now that these Cyanogen services are dying, Tal’s plan is to unbundle what a Cyanogen OS did offer so that it can work in and with unchanging Android builds and a batch services that Google provides with it.

“The new partnership module offers smartphone manufacturers larger leisure and event to deliver intelligent, customizable Android smartphones regulating opposite tools of a Cyanogen OS around energetic modules and MODs, with a ROM of their choice, either batch Android or their possess variant,” Lior said in a matter in Oct when he took his new role.

Cyanogen has lifted $115 million to date from investors which include Andreessen Horowitz and Benchmark, according to Crunchbase. Lior pronounced in late November that a association is “well funded,” nonetheless it has spent half of a year in cost-cutting mode. It made made layoffs over the summer and recently shuttered a Seattle bureau in sequence to “consolidate” a workforce into one group formed out of a bottom in Palo Alto. The closure of a services is a serve cost-saving pierce that fits with its pivot to make it more permitted and reduction of joining for impending partners. The doubt now is either it can offer anything that partners indeed wish and will compensate for.

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