Published On: Mon, Aug 28th, 2017

Cyan on Obduction’s PS4 Release and Possible Xbox One/Switch Ports in a Future

Cyan, a American growth studio formed in Mead, Washington, has left a poignant symbol on journey games. Genre fans will certainly remember classics such as Myst and Riven.

After focusing for a few years on mobile/online games, in Nov 2013 Cyan launched a Kickstarter debate to emanate Obduction, a devout inheritor to Myst and Riven. The plan perceived $1,321,306 in pledges and, after 3 years of development, it launched on PC final year.

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Francesco reviewed Obduction for Wccftech and rated it 8/10.

Obduction manages to constraint what done Myst and Riven such good journey games with an extraordinary atmosphere, puzzling story and severe puzzles that rivet players from a unequivocally beginning. With no palm holding whatsoever, Obduction can be a frustrating knowledge during times, yet a enterprise to learn some-more about a game’s universe and events propels things forward. Unfortunately, several bugs and glitches now found in a diversion repairs a knowledge a bit, yet if we can cope with them, Obduction can be a unequivocally rewarding journey title.

The diversion will entrance on console tomorrow, though, privately on Sony’s PlayStation 4 (a PlayStation VR refurbish is also designed to be accessible during a after date). We took this event to have a brief discuss with Cyan’s Ryan Warzecha, Producer on Obduction.

Are we entirely confident in each approach with Obduction in comparison to your strange prophesy for a project? Is there anything you’d do differently if we could go behind now?

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Our strange skeleton for Obduction were a bit incomparable than what a diversion finished adult being, yet we’re unequivocally happy with a finished product. If anything, we wished that we could have had a coexisting initial recover on consoles corresponding with a PC chronicle of a game.

The diversion was saved around Kickstarter. Do we intend to pursue a same process of appropriation for your destiny projects during Cyan?

While a Kickstarter landscape has altered in a past few years, we are looking during Kickstarter / other crowdfunding platforms for destiny Cyan projects.

What are a contingency that you’ll eventually emanate a supplement for Obduction?

Never contend never…

Do we have an ETA on a 1.6 update? Will it embody serve opening optimizations?

Our 1.6.0 refurbish is targeted for midst to late October, and it will embody opening optimizations for both non-VR and VR gameplay.

Did we have to make any vital sacrifices to move a diversion from PC to a bottom PlayStation 4 hardware, in terms of graphics, opening etc.?

The PS4 chronicle of Obduction will run on sincerely high settings on a unchanging PS4, so we thankfully didn’t have to make any vital sacrifices to get a diversion regulating good and looking good on a PS4. It’s a good console that can hoop utterly a lot of what we’re seeking of it to. We did have to be a bit some-more clever with memory use yet that unequivocally shouldn’t impact gameplay.

Unreal Engine 4 now also offers full support for platforms like Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Are there any skeleton to recover a diversion on these systems in a future?

We are totally open to releasing Obduction on as many platforms as probable regulating a resources we have.

Thank we for your time.

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