Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

Cursed Castilla EX Brings Its Arcade Brilliance To Switch Next Week, Pre-Orders Get 10% Off

Cursed Castilla EX is headed to Nintendo Switch really shortly indeed, with a recover date now sealed in for 24th January.

Yes, Don Ramiro is back, though this time on Switch. Loved by critics and fans comparison when a diversion launched on 3DS in 2017, Cursed Castilla EX has we banishing zombies, demons and some-more in a monster-infested fortress, personification out like a devout inheritor to Capcom’s Ghosts ‘n Goblins. We indeed gave a 3DS chronicle an ‘excellent’ 9/10 in a review, observant a following:

“Cursed Castilla EX is a punishing though eventually rewarding adore minute to a classical movement platformers of a coin-op industry’s golden years, and while a heartless inlet might infer off-putting for some players, those who conclude a ’80s and ’90s epoch of gaming will find copiousness to suffer here.”

This new Switch chronicle brings a game’s classical arcade movement behind in style, using during 60fps (docked and handheld), and featuring 4 opposite endings alongside 4 opposite perspective modes. Here’s a discerning underline list to give we a small some-more info:

– Explore Tolomera del Rey in abyss by 8 diversion stages.
– Fight opposite some-more than 48 forms of enemies and 19 final bosses.
– Brag about your fight skills with 16 unlockable achievements.
– Learn about all a misconceptions featured in a diversion with a illustrated bestiary as well.

As remarkable above, Cursed Castilla EX arrives on Switch on 24th January, and will be labelled during $13.99 / 13.99€. Any pre-orders done from 17th Jan until that recover date will accept a 10% discount, so make certain to collect it adult early if we really wish to check it out.

Did we play this one on 3DS? Will we be giving it a go on Switch? Let us know in a comments below.

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