Published On: Sat, Mar 23rd, 2019

Cuphead Won’t Be Any Easier On Nintendo Switch

After braving by large brawls and turbo tunnels in Battletoads, tour by large abyss in Dark Souls, opposite change each caverns and bosses in Demon’s Crest, sharpened aliens and flourishing bullets in Contra: Hard Corps, slaying Mavericks and hidden powers in Mega Man X, quarrel by hordes of insane birds, insane dogs, and insane muggers in Ninja Gaiden, boosting my car during a speed of sound while besting a competitions in a many dangerous sports in F-Zero GX, and burst and conquer trecherous platform, red pirahna plants and lethal winds in Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, yeah we trust we could hoop Cuphead only fine.

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