Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2020

Cuphead Lookalike Enchanted Portals Is Heading Back To Kickstarter

@Pod Although we are totally right to some extent, we do consider that for many of us, it was some-more like some other people already remarkable that even yet Cuphead’s developers did not invent a aesthetics, they were a initial to use them in a game, and they used it so well. And there’s really also a few too many similarities, level-wise, to a indicate where it’s fundamentally copy/paste though with other characters.

And for me personally, this diversion only doesn’t seem to spike it as well, regulating wrong colors (too splendid and colorful, not during all in line with a 30s animation aesthetics), and some of these bosses and levels also demeanour WAY too modern, so that kind of takes me out of a whole “oh, wow, this plays EXACTLY like a 30s animation”, that is a clarity that we indeed DID get from Cuphead, so this diversion not nailing that essential part, is what hull it for me.

But carrying pronounced that, obviously, this is only my personal opinion, so if anybody else does like this game, afterwards that’s also only fine, though it’s really not for me.

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