Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

Crytek Closes Five of Its Studios To “Refocus on Its Core Strengths”

Crytek will be shutting 5 of a studios in South Korea, China, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey.

The developer, who is best famous for a work on a strange Far Cry and Crysis, announced a news around a press recover today. The idea is to “refocus on a core strengths of building innovative games and game-development technology”.

Only dual studios will be defended – those formed in Frankfurt, Germany and in Kiev, Ukraine. The following studios will be affected:

  • Crytek Black Sea in Sofia, Bulgaria, founded in 2001 as Black Sea Studios, acquired and renamed in 2008
  • Crytek Budapest in Budapest, Hungary, founded in 2007
  • Crytek Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey, founded in 2012
  • Crytek Seoul in Seoul, South Korea, founded in 2010
  • Crytek Shanghai in Shanghai, China, founded in 2012

“Undergoing such transitions is distant from easy, and we’d like to unequivocally appreciate any and each staff member – past and benefaction – for their tough work and joining to Crytek”, pronounced Co-Founder and Managing Director, Avni Yerli, in a press release.

“These changes are partial of a essential stairs we are holding to safeguard Crytek is a healthy and tolerable business relocating brazen that can continue to attract and maintain a industry’s tip talent. The reasons for this have been communicated internally along a way. Our concentration now lies wholly on a core strengths that have always tangible us – world-class developers, state-of-the-art record and innovative diversion development, and we trust that going by this severe routine will make us a some-more agile, viable, and appealing studio, primed for destiny success.”

Earlier this month we wrote about several employees claiming to haven’t been paid for several months.

The association was creatively founded in 1999 and has been headquartered in Germany ever since. Two studios (UK and USA) already got sealed behind in 2014.

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