Published On: Tue, Jan 22nd, 2019

Cross-Play Might Be Added To Mortal Kombat 11, But There Are No Immediate Plans


As video games evolve, cross-play is apropos a some-more distinguished underline by a day. On a fighting front, there haven’t unequivocally been many attempts to exercise this choice as many titles compared with this genre have adequate online struggles as it is. Still, it would be good to see it some-more often, deliberation how a communities of these games are mostly divided opposite mixed platforms.

In a box of Mortal Kombat 11, NetherRealm has no evident skeleton to exercise cross-play. During a discuss with Wccf tech, NetherRealm Game Designer Derek Kirtzic pronounced a group behind a eleventh categorical recover in a array had zero to share right now, though cross-play was something being deliberate and a underline they hoped could be combined some point. If a underline does make it into a game, it expected won’t be in time for a game’s Apr launch date.

As remarkable by Wccf tech, Mortal Kombat 11 is powered by Epic Games’ Unreal 4 engine, that will hurl out mixed cross-play facilities via 2019. This means there’s a satisfactory possibility NetherRealm could combine players opposite mixed platforms in a nearby future.

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