Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2019

Criterion Games Founder Says Nintendo Never Asked The Studio To Make A New F-Zero


You competence remember a story during a Wii U era about how a British-based developer Criterion Games – best famous for a work on a Burnout and Need for Speed array over a years – was presumably asked to work on Nintendo’s unconventional racing diversion F-Zero.

In a end, zero came of it, with Criterion Founder Alex Ward explaining behind in 2015 it was one of many licenses a studio had allegedly been offering over a years. However, during an speak on final week’s Game Informer Show, a horde Ben Hanson asked again about this event a developer had and Ward responded by observant it was totally false. Here’s a full twin (thanks, Nintendo Everything):

“Once and for all, Nintendo didn’t come to Criterion and ask us to make F-Zero. Nothing of a arrange during all. Complete false. “

“Somebody utterly youth in Nintendo in Europe, who isn’t there anymore, sent me an email and said, ‘Hey, some of us were talking.’ Some of us – what does that mean? That could be a H2O cooler… And this man only sent me an email out of a blue, so afterwards we take that email and we replied and said, ‘Well, he contingency have maybe suspicion we were an eccentric association and we weren’t.’ We were unconditionally owned by EA. One we’re owned by EA. Two, if we wish to speak to EA – and those companies have all those discussions all a time – we have to hit this man in EA and we gave him a email address. And that’s it.”

It wasn’t as if Shigeru Miyamoto had privately contacted Criterion. Ward went on to explain how this Nintendo deputy was “very junior” and would have never been means to strech out to a comparison staff member during EA. To serve clarify. he pronounced it was “never a grave thing” and was some-more of a siren dream.

Even yet Ward now runs his possess eccentric studio Three Fields Entertainment, he’s “not unequivocally big” on F-Zero, observant how he would be a “wrong person” and it’s never unequivocally been “his thing” or idea to leave a corporate association and afterwards work on protected games.

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