Published On: Thu, Dec 5th, 2019

Creepy Japanese Horror Platformer Tamashii Is Coming To Switch On Christmas Day

Tamashii could good be a ideal resolution for carrying a rather choice holiday this year.

The game, that has been desirous by problematic Japanese games from a ’90s and late ’80s, is set to frighten a Switch nearby we on Christmas Day. It’s been described as a “unique puzzle-platformer set in a disfigured universe of distinguished fear and unsettling imagery”.

We’ve got a discerning content and underline list for we below:

An eldritch entity lurks inside a temple, a unfortunate domain of genocide and danger. A puzzling foreigner is summoned to this disfigured ruin to learn a source of immorality that emanates from within. Can we tarry a diabolical traps, wily puzzles, and grievous beings appearing in Tamashii’s dim corridors?

Key features
Pixelated cultured and atmosphere desirous by Japanese titles of a 90s and late 80s
– A harrowing mix of platforming, puzzles, and skin-crawling horror
– A puzzling tale, finish with secrets and Easter eggs to uncover
– Time trial/score conflict modes for additional challenge
– A ‘slow-motion’ accessibility modifier to support players
– You’ll be means to collect it adult for $11.99 on 25th Dec if you’re interested.

What do we think? Would we rather spend your Christmas in this dark, creepy, platforming world? Let us know in a comments below.

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