Published On: Fri, Feb 3rd, 2017

Create Your Own Trump Executive Order Memes With ‘Donald Draws’ App

President Trump had been bustling drafting executive orders and display a sealed copies for a camera. But small did he know that artistic people on a internet are going to take it to another level. As shortly Trump’s video display orders went viral, several memes started surfacing, creation fun of a sealed sequence by replacing it with a humorous sketch and caption.

Now, someone took these memes to a whole new turn by rising a dedicated app that allows everybody to uncover their humorous side with Trump’s executive order. The app is called “Donald Draws: Executive Doodle.” and it is adult for download on Google Play. You can upload your choice of print to reinstate a sequence or even pull something in-app and supplement a humorous heading to it. After your masterwork is ready, we can share it on Facebook and Twitter.

A Twitter criticism with a name “Trump Draws” warranted 300k supporters within a brief camber by pity a array of GIFs formed on executive sequence video. Here is one of a them:

The app is a satire of Trump’s executive orders, and even a outline of a app on Google Play is Trump-inspired. It is created gripping in mind how Trump creates speeches and what are his favorite difference and character of speaking. It reads:

You don’t have this app? Sad.

You don’t need this app? Wrong. You’re wrong.

This app is gonna be uge. It’s gonna be big. It’ll be a biggest app. It’ll be a best app. It is a best app. This app is gonna make a United States of America good again. It’s gonna be everything.

We consternation if Trump is going to lay sensitively after meaningful about this app. Maybe, he can anathema this app from entering a US too. In box we are feeling artistic and wish to flex your humorous side afterwards we can implement this app and share your chronicle of executive orders on amicable media. The app is now accessible on Android only, though if it turns out to be a “Uge” success, afterwards we competence see it debuting on App Store too.

Are we going to try out “Donald Draws: Executive Doodle” app? If yes, afterwards we would adore to see your chronicle of Trump’s executive sequence in a criticism territory below.


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