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Countdown: Wii U eShop Spotlight | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sun, Mar 19th, 2023

Countdown: Wii U eShop Spotlight

Review Duck Hunt (Wii U eShop / NES)

Old dog, same tricks

Who done it?

Nintendo RD1 and Intelligent Systems.

What’s a premise?

Originally, we would use a NES Zapper to fire 8-bit ducks on your CRT radio set as they rush from your hound.

It was a pack-in pretension for many a NES console, and would get some callbacks in pointer-based sharpened minigames in Wii Play — and a dog/duck twin would spin adult in Smash Ultimate, of march — though Duck Hunt was strictly re-released usually once on non-8-bit hardware, for reasons we’ll get into below.

Why should we play it?

Because outward of OG NES/Famicom hardware connected to a CRT TV, this is a usually central approach to play it. The NES Zapper worked in tandem usually with a cathode-ray tube screen, and doesn’t duty on complicated displays.

The Wii U VC recover translates Duck Hunt to work with a Wii Remote’s pointer, with a cursor displayed to assistance we aim. It’s a compromise, certain — carrying a cursor constantly manifest creates sharpened ducks most easier than it was with a Zapper — though for a diversion that is differently not usually ‘stuck’ on strange hardware, though also reliant on arrangement tech that a immeasurable infancy of gamers don’t have entrance to anymore, this recover is, for many, a easiest approach to play Duck Hunt in a 21st century.

How most is it?

$4.99 / £3.49 / €4.99.

We’ll be behind shortly with another 3DS or Wii U eShop recommendation as partial of this ‘Countdown’ series. Let us know next if you’ve already got this in your collection and share your thoughts.

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