Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Could This 1970s Patek Philippe Be The Inspiration For The Apple Watch?

In what could be a many engaging swindling speculation of a morning, a folks during ABlogToWatch have found a watch that could have been a impulse for Apple Watch. It’s a Patek Philippe Ellipse Ref. 3582 (3582G) done in a 1970s and customarily sole by high finish watch stores. The piece, that is amazingly singular in white gold, roughly ideally matches a box figure of a Apple Watch and a solemnly trustworthy grains-of-rice rope (the genuine name for a “Milano” strap) creates this block watch a passed ringer for a AW Steel.

Jony Ive has pronounced that he has a slant towards imagination watches and Patek creates a fanciest. This watch in sold is flattering tough to find and I’ve never seen it mentioned in a novel I’ve read. While it’s not singular – there are copiousness like it out there these days – a detail, box shape, and even a clear really vaunt a family resemblance.
Square watches are zero new. The supposed tub or Tonneau box is a sincerely renouned character though it has prominent sides. The “tank” character watch, done famous by Cartier, is squared off though is a though some-more rectilinear and thinner. A watch like this one is a bizarre hybrid of a dual and would have looked utterly attractive on a wrist of a Madison Avenue executive circa 1972 – or on a wrist of an early adopter circa 2015.

Was Ive personally desirous by this watch? Did he see it quickly in a watch emporium and move adult a pattern in some fugue state? Perhaps a universe will never know. The resemblance, however, is uncanny.

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