Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

Cosmos Video — a ‘Club Penguin for adults’ to socialize and work — raises $2.6M from LocalGlobe

All over a universe startups are pier into a space noted “virtual communication and collaboration”. What if a startup combined a arrange of “Club Penguin for adults”?

Step brazen Cosmos Video, that has a practical venues height that allows people to work, hang out and consort together. It has now lifted $2.6 million in seed appropriation from LocalGlobe, with appearance from Entrepreneur First, Andy Chung and Philipp Moehring (AngelList), and Omid Ashtari (former boss of Citymapper).

Founders Rahul Goyal and Karan Baweja formerly led product teams during Citymapper and TransferWise, respectively.

Cosmos allows users to emanate practical venues by mixing diversion mechanics with video chat. The thought is to pierce behind a kinds of serendipitous interactions we used to have in a genuine world. You name an avatar, afterwards accommodate adult with their colleagues or friends inside a browser-based game. As we pierce your avatars closer to another chairman we can video discuss with them, as we competence in genuine life.

The foe is a obligatory video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, though calls on these platforms have a set agenda, and are timeboxed — they’re firm and repetitive. On Cosmos we lay on a shade and devour one video call after another as we pierce around a space, so it is mimicking serendipity, after a fashion.

As good as carrying a amicable application, bureau colleagues can work collaboratively on collection such as whiteboards, Google papers and Figma, play practical house games or accumulate around a list to chat.

Cosmos is now being used in private beta by a name organisation of companies to horde their offices and for amicable events such as Christmas parties. Others are regulating it to horde events, meetup groups and family gatherings.

Co-founder Rahul Goyal pronounced in a statement: “Once a pestilence hit, we both saw capability swell in a particular teams though during a same time, people were blank a in-office culture. Video conferencing platforms yield a good use when it comes to meetings, though they miss spontaneity. Cosmos is a approach to pierce behind that tellurian tie we miss when we spend all day online, by providing a practical universe where we can play a diversion of trivia or pong after work with colleagues or accumulate turn a list to applaud a friend’s birthday.”

George Henry, partner during LocalGlobe, said: “We were unequivocally tender with a prophesy and intensity of Cosmos. Scaling live practice online is one of a large internet frontiers where there are still so many opportunities. Now that a video infrastructure is in place, we trust products like Cosmos will capacitate new forms of live online experiences.”

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