Published On: Fri, Nov 27th, 2015

Cortana For iOS Begins Rolling Out To Testers

Microsoft has now done good on a progressing promise that it would soon roll out a beta chronicle of its Cortana personal partner – a opposition to Apple’s Siri and Google Now – to users of iOS devices. This week, a handful of testers who sealed adult to hearing a new app were told by approach of email that a iOS chronicle of Cortana was accessible for download. The beta chronicle of a app offers voice-powered assistance, and assistance with handling your schedule, reminders, and alarms, as good as a ability to lane things like flights, packages, stocks, scores and more.

An Android chronicle of a app was formerly done accessible for contrast this August.

However, in early November, Microsoft announced a skeleton to start contrast Cortana on iOS in an online forum where a consult was common with those who were meddlesome in perplexing out a iOS software. The consult asked users about their devices, and either or not they also used a app on a Windows 10 PC. Likely, Microsoft was looking to find those who were formulation to exam a app cross-platform, as a ability to tie together iPhones and PCs is one of a categorical benefits.

According to a outline that accompanies a exam build of Cortana for iOS, Microsoft explains how a partner can assistance Windows users with iPhones bond the two platforms. For example, Microsoft suggests how we can set reminders on your PC – like a sign to collect adult divert on a approach home – afterwards be told around your iPhone when you’re on a road.

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You can also use Cortana to make an appointment, send an email or text, set reminders by plcae and time opposite your PC and phone, and lane your packages, flights, stocks, sports scores, continue and more. You can also use a app to hunt Bing, get directions, get info on restaurants and film and TV listings, lane your interests, and even open apps, according to a description’s text.

Testers news that a beta build is being distributed by Apple’s TestFlight. As one blogger and progressing tester points out that could meant usually a tiny series of testers will be brought on initially, given TestFlight’s reduction of 2,000 testers per application. That might also explain because a good many who sealed adult for Cortana’s beta are observant that have still nonetheless to accept their entice during this time. (A staged rollout is another possibility.)

The strange consult indicated that Cortana for iOS would be accessible to those in a U.S. and China, though a consult itself was directed during intensity U.S. testers.

(h/t, picture credits: Warenotice)

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