Published On: Tue, Nov 24th, 2015

Contextual Search Platform Atlas Is Ivy Softworks’ First Spinoff

Ivy Softworks — a supposed “innovation studio” founded by Napster’s Jordan Ritter in Seattle — is holding a wraps off a initial products today. It is rising a contextual information hunt height called Atlas; and it’s also phenomenon Recall, a initial app for a Atlas platform. The launch outlines Ivy Softworks’ long-anticipated depart from secrecy mode.

Atlas’ eponymous product is a personalized height that annals a information we entrance opposite inclination and contextualizes it for after use. Atlas is now in a private beta, and will be accessible to a open in Mar of subsequent year. While a initial open launch will be giveaway to use, a association has longer-term skeleton of relocating to a subscription model.

Atlas website

Ritter says his prophesy for a product initial came about good before he founded Ivy Softworks.

“We’re in a universe where a thousand files and folders – a 50 year-old embellishment – doesn’t unequivocally request anymore,” he said, emphasizing his disappointment during a miss of inter-device communication in an increasingly device-centric world. “All of these solutions to solve a existence of us relocating between inclination with a information are incomplete.”

Atlas’ ultimate idea is to be a covering between inclination that allows for seamless send of information. It’s not perplexing to be an doing complement – instead, Ritter and group are focusing on formulating an information platform, dubious to a underlying kernel.

Atlas’ group has spent poignant amounts of bid on a seamless user interface for a applications that run on tip of a platform, and it shows.

As a name suggests, Recall leverages Atlas’ low bargain of a information users entrance and enables non-traditional search. As Ritter explained, Recall helps to solve a common problem – being means to remember reading something about a subject, yet not clearly adequate to hunt for a information successfully.

Recall lets we rediscover information that we formerly usually had a misty correlation of, something that stream collection on a marketplace onslaught with. While Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other vital players have poignant efforts for contextualized search, no hunt products by obligatory players can do what Recall does for this use case. However, it stays to be seen how vast platforms will take Atlas’ muscling in on their territory – for Atlas to wish to succeed, it needs full team-work from height and app makers.

This is where Recall’s user interface shines. Searching for a exam email about logistics for relocating to Ballard brings adult a thumbnail of applicable emails, documents, and messages opposite devices. Text messages, emails, and web searches all popped adult in a same place, and clicking on an email brought adult subsequent to it a list of identical messages ranked by contextual relevance, time proximity, and other factors.

  1. Recall Treehouse Project Moment View

  2. Recall MyMoments

Recall’s comparatively common use box belies a range of a Atlas platform, though. TechCrunch got an disdainful look during a team’s subsequent recover for a platform, called Foresight. Again as a name suggests, Foresight finds new pieces of information applicable to what is being worked on. When Foresight is enabled, each window onscreen has a bar sidecar-ed to a left side, with a list of identical equipment and pieces of information as what a window contains. When we non-stop an email (again about relocating to Seattle), Foresight populated a sidebar with a list of area recommendations, housing prices, reviews, and map-based assessments. It’s easy to see how useful this could be if a complement works in real-time as good as it did in a demo.

As good as a underlying record is and as useful as a applications on a height are, though, a really inlet of Atlas brings adult a normal worries about information privacy. In a universe where a control over a possess information grows some-more and some-more tenuous, there is something worrying about carrying a program like Atlas sitting on a computers, always listening, always watching. It’s easy to suppose an occurrence where a program annals your bank comment information when we make a deposition or compensate a credit label bill.

On a theme of security, Ritter explained a information Atlas captures is encrypted in rest and in motion, yet not end-to-end. The product’s doing of copyrighted and other copyright calm is also different — an engaging detail, given Ritter’s Napster heritage. In any case, it is a doubt that will need to be addressed if Atlas catches on.

Ivy Softworks has not disclosed any appropriation information.

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