Published On: Wed, Jul 22nd, 2020

Combining amicable selling rewards and personal financial apps, ex-Snap product gurus launch Meemo

After Wisam Dakka and André Madeira left Snap in 2018 a dual longtime product developers and coders expel about for a new app to build. 

Looking around they satisfied there was no financial product that spoke to a era of consumers they’d spent a final bit of their veteran lives operative to build for, so they motionless it would be their subsequent project.

“Our discernment is that an individual’s attribute with income is a ethereal and an romantic one. Most financial apps are not adopted by a masses since they are strict, miss empathy, and are unconsciously viewed as judgmental, that is because they are mostly downloaded and afterwards ignored,” pronounced Madeira, in a statement. 

Their solution, rising today, is Meemo .

It’s a multiple of a personal financial monitoring, rewards and gifting, and amicable selling app all rolled into one.

“One of a things we schooled during snap if we wish to strech a masses we need to change how we emanate an app. It has to be effortlessly,” pronounced Madeira. “It has to be involuntary and amicable as good so we wish to build an app that is all of that combined.”

Once a user downloads Meemo and connects their categorical bank comment or credit label to a app, Meemo will give that chairman insights into their spending story and intensity rewards.

For many users, a initial knowledge will be by a present card. Gifting, it turns out is what Dakka and Madeira consider will be a tip salsa for a company’s expansion (although removing people to use something if they’re being given income or giveaway things is frequency rocket science).

There’s also a amicable component that a dual group consider will be a pull as well. Meemo provides recommendations and amicable validation from friends by harvesting their selling story and pity it with you.

Once a user downloads Meemo and has a story of their transactions, a app will aspect a places where user’s spend a many money. They can afterwards send present cards to their friends for their favorite restaurants. The goal, eventually, is to get restaurants to financial a gifting apportionment and have their shoppers act as a approach selling channel.

Image Credits: Meemo (opens in a new window)

Shops won’t be means to see who’s removing a gifts until they come into a store. What Meemo hopes to do is accumulate a form of a user’s selling function formed on their purchases and offer them discounts to places that they might not visit as often, though compare their consumer profile.

Backing a association are investors including Saama Capital, Greycroft, monashees, and Sierra Ventures along with particular investors Amit Singhal, Hans Tung, and sequence entrepreneurs and a co-founders’ colleagues from Google and Snap.

Madeira and Dakka initial met operative on Google Search and went on to found Snap’s San Francisco office. And a group is dull out by long-time friends like Robson Araújo and Ranveer Kunal.

“We are really vehement to behind Dakka and Madeira in their origination of a new age financial app during Meemo that will mix softened financial government with deeper amicable rendezvous for today’s generation”, pronounced Ash Lilani, Managing Partner during Saama Capital, in a statement. “With Dakka and Madeira’s past knowledge of convention gifted teams and building viral products, we trust Meemo has an event to turn a personality in this space”. 

The company’s name is taken from a Portuguese word “mimo”, that means an sexual treat, according to a statement. It’s accessible to download on iOS and Android.


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