Published On: Thu, Apr 1st, 2021

Collaborative iOS app Craft Docs secures $8M, led by Creandum and a ‘Skyscanner Mafia’

Launched in usually Nov final year, a Craft Docs app — that was built from a belligerent adult as an iOS app for collaborative papers — has cumulative an $8 million Series A turn led by Creandum. Also participating was InReach Ventures, Gareth Williams, former CEO and co-founder of Skyscanner, and a series of other tech entrepreneurs, many of whom are ex-Skyscanner.

Currently accessible on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, Craft now skeleton to launch APIs, extended integrations, and a browser-based editor in 2021. It has aspirations to turn a identical product to Notion, and a owner and CEO Balint Grosz told me over a Zoom call that “Notion is really many focused around essay and wikis and all that arrange of stuff. We have a lot of users entrance from Notion, though we trust we have a improved resolution for people, especially for created content. Notion is really clever with a databases and constructional content. People only occur to use it for other stuff. So we are noticed as a really clever aspirant by a users, since of a similarities in a product. we don’t trust a markets overlie much, though right now from a outward people do switch from Notion to us, and they do understand us as being competitors.”

He told me this was reduction down to a app knowledge than “the hierarchical content. We have this structure where we can emanate records within notes, so with each cube of calm we supplement calm and navigate style, and supplement inside of that – and idea has that as well. And that is a underline that not many products have, so that is a primary reason since people tend to review us.”

Craft says it’s categorical advantages over Notion are UX; Data storage and remoteness (Craft is offline first, with real-time sync and collaboration; we can use 3rd celebration cloud services (i.e. iCloud); and integrations with other tools.

Orosz was before obliged for Skyscanner’s mobile plan after a association acquired his prior company, Distinction.

Fredrik Cassel, General Partner during Creandum, pronounced in a statement: “Since a initial discussions we’ve been tender by both a volume of adore users have for Craft, as good as a team’s singular ability to emanate a product that is pleasing and absolute during a same time. The arriving facilities around connectivity and information accessibility truly set Craft detached from a competition.”

Craft ipad app

Craft ipad app

Roberto Bonazinga, Co-founder during InReach Ventures, added: “We invested in Craft on day 0 since we were preoccupied by a clarity and a arrogance of Balint’s prophesy – to reinvent how millions of people can structure their thoughts and write them down in a many effective and pleasing way.”

The launch and appropriation of a Craft startup suggests there is something of a “Skyscanner Mafia” emerging, after a merger by Group (formerly Ctrip), a largest transport organisation in China, $1.75 billion in 2016.

Other backers of a association embody Carlos Gonzalez (former CPO during Skyscanner, CTPO during GoCardless), Filip Filipov (former VP Strategy during Skyscanner), Ross McNairn (former CEO during Dorsai, CPO during TravelPerk), Stefan Lesser (former Technology and Partnership Manager during Apple) and Akos Kapui (Former Head of Technology during Skyscanner, VP of Engineering during Shapr3D).

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