Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

ClickUp hits $1 billion gratefulness in $100M Series B raise

Just 6 month after lifting a initial bit of outward funding, ClickUp has sealed $100 million in new appropriation and reached a $1 billion valuation, a news in Bloomberg initial reported.

The association has seen copiousness of expansion in a past several months to clear that new unicorn status, including doubling a volume of users to 2 million. In a press recover a association also minute it had grown income 9 times over given a commencement of a year.

This latest $100 million turn was led by Canadian organisation Georgian with appearance from Craft Ventures, that led a startup’s $35 million Series A behind in June. The high gratefulness showcases only how fervent investors are to find winners in a capability program space, that has seen large patron gains as an attention this year, partially as a outcome of changeable corporate attitudes toward operative from home.

Productivity height ClickUp raises $35 million from Craft Ventures

ClickUp is aiming to serve gain as it beam a group and product. The association of 200 has doubled in distance given a final lift and is anticipating to double again in a subsequent several months, CEO Zeb Evans tells TechCrunch.

ClickUp sells capability software, yet their categorical sell has been restraining several products in that space into a singular platform, aiming to revoke a series of collection their business use. The group has recently begun integrating collection like email into their height so that users can finish workflows inside a product.

“It’s not only like a value play of regulating one app instead of 3 or four, it’s an potency play by saving so most time and disappointment from carrying all a other opposite solutions,” Evans tells TechCrunch.

Even as a association continues scaling a product by weekly updates to a company’s apps, including a newly revamped iOS app that launched currently (Android launches tomorrow), a group is looking toward how they can build for a long-term.

As to how prolonged this money will last, Evans isn’t creation any promises. “I consider this will keep us going for a while, yet to be honest with we we would’ve pronounced a same thing with a Series A,” Evans says.

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